Busy Kinda Holiday

I've been busy this week...and life been treating me good so far =). As you guys know I'm actually on a holiday. Holiday suppose to be free but I just need to keep myself busy. To know the fact I have so many to do just make me happy. Anyway there's so many things to be done and so many things to take care of before I leave to Sabah. Now I'm drinking a double latte and listening to Stars. I love their songs, it always puts me in a happy mood.

Time to get back to work! Have a great day people~

Fringe Sleeve Top, I Wear Sin - Tutu Skirt, ThePopLook.

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2 Responses to Busy Kinda Holiday

Anonymous said...

How tall are you Ming? I've bought the tutu as well, but how come you look so nice with it but mine is way too short and cant even sit down but i cant return it... :(

.:Leeming:. said...

I'm 5Feet4 babe =)Hmmm mine is short as well but i wore a short whenever I put on this tutu =)

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