FUNtastico Saturday

Well most of you will be fighting Monday blues...but I'll be doing some furniture shopping today! Before going out I'll update about my weekend. I had a wonderful Saturday with my best pal Jaime. It's been awhile since we last hang out together. I'm missing you babe!!! I literally spend my Saturday laughing and catching up with her. We talk about our mister, work and life.
While we're having tea at Frames~ I bump into Jeremy =) It was a pleasure meeting him after he was back to Singapore for 4 months. Now he's in KL for 3 weeks to do some recording with the brother's band Freeloaders.Inc. I can't hardly wait for the album to be out.That afternoon we spend hours and hours of talking.
It was an amazing little day.

natural shot la sangat LOL!!!bad hair dayPlanning to get married?Stripe Top, Topshop - Ribbon Tutu, ThePopLook - Vintage Bag, Carlo Rino - Clogs, Baci.

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4 Responses to FUNtastico Saturday

Katty said...

how do u edit your pictures!?? :(

km said...

may i know what is your camera model? =)

Agnes Sim said...

wow...u are so pretty!! are u mix? I like your stylist! ^_^

.:Leeming:. said...

Katty: I'm using photoshop and play around withe curves...=)

KM:I'm using Canon 400D =)

Agnes Sim: Thanks for ya compliments babe =)I'm a mixture of Chinese, strait born and russian.

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