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When we were a little girl, the only way to get our picture on a t-shirt was to get it laser printed at the mall...or please our parents to get a laser printer...
13 year-old fashion blogger Tavi Givenson of blog Style Rookie has dipped her own toes into apparel design in the past—namely knitted baubles and crotched grocery bags. The results are super cute, if not rising to the level of impulse buy. But this collaborative t-shirt with Borders&Frontiers is an exception–made of 100% organic cotton, a portion of the proceeds benefit her Clothing with a Cause charity for genocide victims in Darfur.
I'm sure you girls wanna owned this lovely t-shirt. I myself wanted it badly too...but I have great news.Guess what!!! ThePopLook
is giving away a RM300 coupon and a Tavi Tshirt!

Here's how you can participate:

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One Response to The Tavi T

Erika Toh said...

Wow, what an interesting contest! Lets join it! XD

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