Drink Coffee For A Good Cause

Could you survive a day without coffee? I personally can't do it. I need my coffee every morning, without coffee is like predator without ammo. I'll feel completely lethargic and I'll think of alot more things that would be harder to go without for a day, and do you know there's a over 3 billion cups of coffee drank everyday throughout the world. Ok...ok...I'm ribbiting on a bit right there hehe~

Well everywhere I go I always bring a few sticks of coffee with me to keep me awake while I'm at work. The only trusted brand is Super 3in1 Coffeemix. I've tried alot of brands but nothing as good as Super. There are 3 choices for you to choose Super Regular 3in1 Coffeemix, Super 3in1 Reduce Sugar Coffeemix and Super Rich 3in1 Coffeemix. My favourite choice is always Super 3in1 Reduce Sugar Coffeemix.

I always love sweet stuff, but too much sweet stuffs is definitely not good for the body. So I choose Super Rich 3in1 Reduce Sugar Coffeemix to lower down my sugar in take. It taste exactly like the normal coffee but just lesser in sugar. Super Reduce Sugar 3in1 Coffeemix is absolutely the favourite choice among all coffee lovers! Pure full-bodies coffee beans blended with an ideal mix of top grade creamer and sugar, the result is simply irresistible. And with a new formula containing 25% lesser in sugar. A healthy choice to pamper your taste palates, and it always keeps me in shape.

Now do you know that you can drink coffee for a cause and gain some great benefits? Guess what!!! Super will initiate and work with Halo Music and It's partner by bringing JJ's exclusive 100 days Live Super Tour 2010 in Malaysia, from KL, Penang in West Malaysia to Kota Kinabalu in East Malaysia. How cool is that huh...I remember seeing JJ performing as a guest artist for Lee Hom when he's having a concert in Malaysia. I'm really impressed with JJ's talent and voice . I'll have to say he's one talented dude.

I bet you girls can't wait for it huh...but there's a catch to get the tickets thou. The catch is...you can't get the tickets at anywhere else. Don' worry~ don't worry~ I actually have a way to get those exclusive tickets. Let me show you how =).

1. Simply purchase a packet of Super 3in1 Coffeemix in any participating hyper markets.

2. Cut out the packaging barcode.

3. Attach onto the contest forms.

p/s: For those who can't find the contest form, they can also attach onto a white piece paper with name, ic, and contact number.

The most number of entries wins. This competition is definitely not to be missed, because there's so many great prizes are waiting for you to be won. Wanna find out more about it log on to www.facebook.com/halojj.

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2 Responses to Drink Coffee For A Good Cause

FiSh said...

i love JJ too! but it is really difficult to win a ticket there

.:Leeming:. said...

haha yeap but no harm trying babe!!! you might not know =) you could be one of the winner =)

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