Take a Long Break

So I took 3 weeks break and I'm gonna start working real soon. I really can't wait to work again rather than sitting down at home doing nothing...but this week will be a busy~ busy~ week for me and the mister. He'll be busy with his production stuff and I'll be busy with my stuff =). I have a ton of stuff that i have to do this week that i have been procrastinating. seriously a ton...but I love doing what I'm doing so there's nothing to complaint.
Well me and the mister will be flying off to Sabah this Friday. I haven't been to Sabah before hope It will be a great trip.

Basic Chiffon Shirt, Malacca - Tuxedo Vest Dress, Sevendays - Lacey Skirt, Khai - Leggings, Miss Selfridge - Pumps, Vincci.

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3 Responses to Take a Long Break

v a m p i r e said...

great great outfit , you rock every single outfit

good luck with your new job although its not fun to work haha


Hayley said...

You look so... executive in your outfit!! hehe..

Enjoy your break! :)

fashfix said...

kk? i love the place. go for island hopping. but best is of cz, sipadan.
and if u like vegies, try pakupakis (wild vegie) and seafood! and..... coconut pudding! it's yummy!

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