Can't believe it's October!

Can't believe it's October! Time have been flying by, which is both good and bad. Lets not talk about the bad stuff because its weekend! Everyone suppose to be happy on weekend right? Well Sunday is always family day for me, which is something I definitely always love and last Sunday was no exception. We took a break from our routinely Sunday for something different which was nice for a change... and guess who came up to KL to visit us? My sweetie pie Cuzzie Ashley and her mom Aunt Cindy.

I have to say It was an exciting day for us. Its been a long time since we last sat down and have a great chat together. We were talking, laughing and joking around the entire day. I love these girls to ity bity bits and pieces~ and I’d love to show you all what we did last Sunday =).

Catching up with the family~

Had a wonderful dinner at Ole Ole Bali one of our favorite restaurant  and I should say, it is delicious there.

The ambiance is good except little too dark. We need a torch here! I felt very restricted in that environment. I think they should try to brighten up the atmosphere a bit.

Don can't decide what to eat

Later the mister joined us for dinner too~

I had grill squid salad yum~


Lets move on to What I Wore post:

Color trends are as fickle as hem lengths, but there's nothing like a shocking, unexpected It Color to get us thinking about our wardrobes in a whole new way. I absolutely love the color hot pink, and I think this cheery hue is the perfect color for a weekend day out...Oh and do you know that October is internationally known as Breast Cancer Month and Pink Robbon Day. So remember, wear your Pink ties, dress, socks, undies (but keep your pants on!) and scarves beginning tomorrow. Look beautiful and show your support!

Hot Pink Dress, Vintage | Leather Belt, BKK | Heart Shape Leggings, Online | Pumps, Aldo | Watch, casio | Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs.










XPLAY has always brought the best parties, the hottest acts at the most happening venues. This time, XPLAY lives up the hype and brings you XPLAY Future Sound System. This is another XPLAY event that will be the talk of the town as it features one of the biggest name in DJ-ing world - Paul Van Dyk.

Make sure your calendars and your appointment books are clear for this date:

Date: 22 Oct 2011

Time: 7pm – till late

Venue: Helipad, Sepang International Circuit.

To all our peeps in Kota Kinabalu, if you can’t make it to XPLAY Future Sound System... there’s one happening in Bed Club, Kota Kinabalu this 8th of October. The event will feature DJ SHY, the first on-air female mixer for America’s Top 40 radio station.

To get passes for this happening joint, all you have to do is click HERE & register for your FREE passes!

Have a great weekend people! XOXO~

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