Digi Super Reload Social Part 2

I have to rush for a meeting right now, will blog as soon as I'm back! Stay tuned~

Hello there, I'm back! Today it rained again and it's about time...we need rain so badly here in KL. I know it's been quiet here on the blog but that is all about to change. Finally I had a good rest~ I got to take a nap yesterday. a three hour long afternoon nap and I woke up feeling so refreshed and new. Sleep is definitely a powerful thing =D.

Now I'm gonna talk  about Digi Super Reload part 2. Lets move on to the 3rd scene~ our shark cage diving and viewing scene. I have to say this scene is the most suffering scene ever! We have to listen to the director explaining the direction from which the shark is coming...then submerse ourselves. We Literally holding our breath, imagine that we're in the cage and await that once in a lifetime eye to eye contact with the Great White sharks =D.

Camera roll~

Bak in diving costume! This is his 11th Digi commercial if I'm not mistaken =)~

All of us in diving suit, it was my 1st time putting on a diving suit.

Ready and snap!

look at our tired face~

I got to take a nap for awhile =)

Final scene! We have to imagine that we actually got the chance to live out our teenage rock’n’roll dream – to play live on stage with Aizat Amdan. We got to jam together on set~ It was absolutely awesome!

All done with my rocker look!

All of us go crazy and just having fun with the instruments.

I feel like swinging the keyboard =D~

It's a WRAP!!!!


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