Digi Super Reload Social Part 1

 Gosh I miss this page! Sorry for the long hiatus guys I've been really busy lately =). Now I'm gonna continue editing pictures and blog~ Remember I was blogging about my print ad for Digi Super Reload...well I got to be the talent for the commercial as well. I was so excited because this was a new experience for me. Acting in front of the green screen was a great experience. It was my first time doing it. Since there was nothing in front of me, sometimes it was a little difficult. But overall, I had great fun!

The green screen is not as bad as it looks because there was this huge set design. So the green screen would really be in the back of the sets. I have to interact with imaginary set, props and other characters while keeping it believable. During the making of the commercial, the cast and crew became like a family. This made the filming experience very enjoyable, though not always easy.

All in all, it was a great experience~

Director getting started with work

I'm all done with my make up and wardrobe

Bak and Mirzan will go 1st

Shaun and Danny having fun on set too haha~

Now its my turn!

The director pair me up with Lisa Surihani in our paragliding scene

all set and ready!

Let's fly, fly, fly, flyyy.
Up, up, here we go, go.
Where we stop nobody knows~ LOL

Ainon paragliding all alone by herself~

Move on to the second scene~

Guess what! We got to surf with shaheizy Sam. Shaheizy Sam is an actor who acted in 'Kongsi', Bini-biniku Gangster and alot more.

This is how we surf LOL~

There's too many to edit I think I'll stop here and continue tomorrow~

Wanna know how we survive in shark attacks...har stay tuned on this page =)! adios amigos~


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