I Love Samsung GALAXY S II

I believe most of you had read up about the ‘I Love Samsung Galaxy S II’ campaign right =)? No? It’s okay because I am going to talk about the campaign. Basically the whole campaign is to create hype amongst the target market...do you remember the viral campaign called ‘The Subservient Chicken’?  Well the idea of this viral ad is almost similar. A few talents performs a wide range of actions based on a user’s input, showing pre-recorded footage and appearing like an interactive webcam. Interesting?

What makes me more exciting is I was chosen to be one of the talent. It was great to be a part of the viral ad campaign!

Here are some of the back scene pictures!

Make-up checked! Hair checked! Wardrobe checked!

I'm all ready for shoot!

It was such an honor to work  with the awesome magician/mentalist Zlwin Chew =).

He's such a funny person! Both of us really having a great time on set.

The day I witnessed Zlwin’s MAGIC! This guy did entertained me alot on set with his spoon/fork bending illusion. It had keep my jaw hanging from my mouth. You wouldn't want to miss witnessing a spoon being bent with his mind, yes, his MIND.

SEE what I'm talking about...

He literally bend this fork without torching it. Amazing huh! By the way thanks for the gift =D.

Enough of talking, now watch the video! Here are some of the actions I did =).

SO what are you waiting for?  Click Here and let your imagination run wild!

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