Mojo Upstairs

As you know SS2 is well known for food, that place is a food heaven...Murni is one of my favorite restaurant in SS2. A nice place to hangout at night with friends, where you can chit-chat for long. But recently I discovered a new place to chill called Mojo’s Upstairs which is located at the same row as McDonald's and upstairs of 7-Eleven.

As a vintage lover I'm definitely loving this place! The dining environment of Mojo’s brought back nostalgia with items we used to see in the olden days like charcoal iron, old television, old dishes, Old tins, just to name a few. Its as though you were back in the 1960s or 1970s~ =D

I thought the food there was pretty good. The place has VERY good business, and they always have different lunch and dinner promotion time to time.

Loving the whole atmosphere~

Old tins! Wish I could have it all~

For smokers, there is the balcony for you to dine and indulge in your ciggies

Patiently waiting for my pasta =)

This mister ordered Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken!

I'm still waiting for mine....

I had Fettucine Carbonara without beef bacon, add more mushroom yummeh~ My Fettuccine Carbonara was served with a few sizable slices of assorted mushroom in cream sauce. This was good if one was not that into rich food.

Surprisingly I finished almost everything by myself.

I'll definitely come back! Good food, affordable price and great comfortable dining environment + oldies playing in the background.environment, what more can you ask for? =)









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One Response to Mojo Upstairs

Abby said...

i love this place too..:) amazing

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