You can call me Minnie!!! : Minnie Mouse Halloween costume idea

So I've been thinking about what to be for Halloween, but before I knew it Halloween is in 2 days @_@~  I need some ideas for last minute costumes. Well I'm not one to go out and buy something that I'm only going to wear once, I'd rather raid my closet and usually put something together. So, what are some good last minute costume ideas that i can whip together by going through my closet?

Yeap! you guessed it, I'm being Minnie Mouse for Halloween! I love this costume and make-up and I think it is super cute and really girlie. But the problem that I'm facing is I can’t find a dress like the one she wears. It is red with white polka dots. To save up some money...this is what I do. I find pieces in my wardrobe that work.

Tadaa! You can call me Minnie =D~

So what you wore for Halloween this year? Let me know by leaving a comment!


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6 Responses to You can call me Minnie!!! : Minnie Mouse Halloween costume idea

Camy said...

wow! brilliant idea! a very pretty and hot minnie mouse!

joyie said...

Whole so adorable Ming ^^

.:Leeming:. said...

thanks for the compliment babe =) appreciate much!

.:Leeming:. said...

thanks so much for the lovely comment Camy =)~ appreciate much!

Yvvone Yee said...

U look soooo adorable, Ming ^~^ Love de way u dress up as Minnie :)

Anonymous said...

where did u get that skirt? its so cute!

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