Cracked Nail Polish

There are few things more relaxing than sinking into a lazy boy chair in a nail salon to get your hands and feet pampered and massaged.  Of course this comes with a price (usually upwards of  RM30), I always think manicure and pedicure cost a bomb and it's never worth it, which is why I've learned how to give myself a manicure that rivals most salons.  Here are my steps for recreating the cracky nail effect~

I have been receiving a lot of inquiries about this nail polish. Well, I totally understand, ladies. Up until now, I am still flabbergasted with this polish. It really cracks!

So now, i'll show you how it cracks up...

I'm using Lelan Vital Crackle Nail Lacquer. This brand is awesome, the plus factor is that it dries really fast!

 Always remember to apply base coat 1st

then apply one coat of any nail base color...and allow it to dry completely. Apply another coat if desired.

Once the base colour is completely dry,apply a thin layer of Crackle Nail Lacquer. Crackle Nail Lacquer will only form crack patterns when applied over a nail base colour.

There ya go!

All done! Just make sure that you apply a top coat to keep it from chipping .

VOILA!!! This is  definitely1 of the quickest nail arts ever & you don't even have to have a steady hand to do it.


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