Oh Malacca~

 Had a joyful time in Malacca, we went back to Melaka for just a one night stay which usually reached on Sat and left on the following night, it was always a rush trip and we can't enjoy much. Going back to Malacca no longer like the old days. The whole town is super crowded, everywhere is jam even though on a normal weekend, what more on a longer weekend with public holidays.

This trip was really a family eating trip....! We had been eating non stop from breakfast to supper!

The mild weather was perfect to stroll the narrow memory lane of  Malacca~

We ended at Jeta Groves for some desserts. Jeta Groves is one of my favorite Nyonya restaurant in Malacca that Highly recommended. The cendol here is smooth served with extra thick santan & red bean & topped with gula melaka... not too sweet, fragrant and yummy~ the BEST in melaka town! You guys should definitely try the food here!

I always come here for the Mee Siam too! =D

Tadaa! Our yummilicious Cendol is here~ I ordered the normal Cendol and the mister ordered Durian Cendol.

Look at the mouth watering rich santan and durian~ They actually uses one whole "ulas" of durian instead of the usual blended type.

After makan, we berjalan-jalan around Dataran Pahlawan~ Yeah this is how I dress up when I'm back in my hometown =).

Next stop Chicken Delight. This is one of my family favorite fast food restaurant~ The clay-pot chicken rice and rojak is the best!


The mister poyo with daddy's bike LOL~

It's Dinner time! Every Sunday we had our dinner at this vegetarian restaurant that located at Bukit Beruang. I didn't manage to shoot any of the dishes. As usual the food cannot be capture due to the hand is faster with an empty stomach...but I have to say that the food here is AWESOME!  The price is cheap so be prepared to wait for your table. By the way the shop is fully air-con but during peak hours hmm~ it will be a "wet market" situation.

Guess what happened during our dinner...the lil sis tooth drop off by it-selves =D~ you're all grown up girl!

Once again, It was definitely a wonderful trip back to Malacca~ XOXO!

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2 Responses to Oh Malacca~

ken said...

ouch.. i can imagine the teeth popping off from the gum.. those were the days..
malacca is a nice place to visit, not during the holidays tho :)

.:Leeming:. said...

haha yea but i guess she didn't noticed that her tooth actually came off...she was like daddy i think my tooth came off LOL~ Yeap Malacca is not a nice place to visit during the holidays I'd rather stay at home and chill =)

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