The 6th Week Of Olay Breakthrough Challenge

Having a healthy and radiant skin is the most important element you can have. A glowing complexion of skin lets you feel more confident and boosts your self esteem. When a baby is born she has very soft, beautiful and dewy skin and rosy pink complexion. With passing time skin gets thick, rough and dull. It becomes so because of many environmental factors like air pollution, dusty weather conditions, air condition, harmful sunrays, lack of exercise, our faulty eating habits etc. To keep the skin complexion soft and radiant, you should patiently, take care of your skin. There are many ways to improve your skin complexion.

Well you have to know that choosing the right moisturizer and sun block for your skin is very important part. It's not all about just eating the right food and drinking lots of water, but it's important to use the right products in order to have healthy looking skin.

Thank god I discover Olay White Radiance! Olay White Radiance known for its technology that provides fairness*, Olay White Radiance addresses hydration, translucency and whitening, and helps women achieve CelLucent™ Fairness – bright luminous fairness, rooted deep within skin*.

I am a model, beautiful skin is very important to me. So I try many products in the market, none of them are promising. I felt so lucky to get to know about Olay White Radiance. I find this is truly a great product. In just 1 week after I start using Olay White Radiance, my skin doesn’t break out. On the 2nd week I see results, my mom and my sis noticed my skin is fairer than last time. They keep asking me did I use any bleaching products =D. On the 3rd week my skin feels comfortable and not tight and dry any more~ and comes to the 4th week I noticed Olay White Radiance gradually and visibly fading out the dark spots and pigmentation on my skin. Now I can actually look at myself in the mirror without makeup. Even though it was such a small part of my face, it made a world of difference in my appearance. 5th weeks, I realized the line on my upper lip and the smile lines are minimized! How amazing is that!! Finally this is my 6th week; the colour and tone of my skin are even. I never noticed that my tone was poor until I looked in the mirror and saw how nice my tone is now. At first I was thinking it may not work for me, but guess what! It works, after 6 weeks; I began to see drastic changes on my skin.

I used to be embarrass about my dry flaky skin I hated to go out in public and it made me self conscious of what people were looking at when they talked to me. But after just 2weeks of using this product I saw a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin. My pigmentation were lightened and my skin had a glow to it and doesn’t felt dry anymore. My face was so soft and clear, the UV helps protect from sunburn. Now I’m not afraid to do any outdoor activities under the blazing sun. My self-confidence was busted, now I enjoy talking to people and not having to worry about my skin problems.

So why not fight it with a caring treatment that helps rejuvenate and protect your skin at the same time. Olay is known for its awesome skin care line. All of their products are natural and help your skin in many different ways.

Now let’s move on to our special day:

Let the party started! The day where we kick the men out of the house, have your girlfriends ditch their boyfriends and get ready for some serious fun! This is the girls-only pool party include manicures and pedicures, makeovers, cocktails, and lots and lots of desserts and junk food. We definitely feel 20 all over again!

Check list for a Girly Girl Pool Party:

Checklist for a Relive-Your-Youth Girls Night In:

- Magazines to stir up conversation and relive memories

- Fresh fruit and fruit juices, and spirits if you prefer for some extra fun!

- Snacks, fruits and desserts

- Tropical music and themed dishes, cups and utensils will add to the atmosphere

All set and done! Lets Party!

Look we have a new friend here! Poor thing~

Wennice is all dress up and ready to party...

Jeslyn is here too =)

Finally all arrived!

Wennice, Jeslyn and Rachel.

We are having so much fun chit-chatting and catching up.

I remember I use to be puteri lilin but now we are not afraid of the sunlight anymore. Olay gave me the confidence to party under the hot blazing sun while still looking good.

Look what I'm doing...feeding all my friends haha~ Yeap I just love to feed people!

In this journey with Olay I managed to restore my confidence in skincare products, as Olay understands my skin needs and most importantly, helps me experience the level of skin transformation that I yearn for in time for my special day.

* at the epidermis level only

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