Where Do I Normally Shop Online?

Every girls is addicted to shopping, and hope to own their own shopping mall one day...who don't right! Well today you can have ya own shopping mall. How is that possible huh? I'm sure some of you heard about Jipaban, but some of you have no idea what's all about it. You'll find out real soon!

Hmm...you know what? I think I'll go shopping today =). While I'm doing my shopping I'll explain to you what's Jipaban. Due to the monsoon season in Malaysia. It's raining cats and dogs lately. I hate to go out when it rains plus how many of you familiar with "keep an eye for a park", or looking for change for parking meter? I guess the best way out is to stay at home and shop from my pc. Now the only thing you must find to park yourself onto is a chair when shopping on internet.

HmMm~ I guess I would like to shop at Jipaban today, The coolest online shopping mall in town!!!

This is exciting!!!

I should definitely sign up as a shopper and start creating my own mall...for your information Jipaban is a customizable mall =). I can have my own favorite shops and create multiple levels as shoppers you can create up to 4 levels. How COOL is that!!!

There's so many retailers. You can find clothes, cell phone accessories, jewellery...etc. I'll drag some of my favorite shop and add in to my mall, after adding these shops, I can see updates by the shop owner. There are updates like promotions, giveaway contest, new stocks arrivals. the updates are lined up neatly in a row above my mall so it's easy for us to view. Now I don't have to put up with rude pushy sales people. It is so much easier to "just walk away" on the internet you don't have crowds to contend with.

But I have problem! I felt really awkward if I shop alone...I want more friends to shop with me. So are you willing to be my shopping friend? If you sign up, we can add each other as friend and send messages. It almost like Facebook social net working.

Oh yea I have to share this special features. I think I would love to purchase this item but I'm a lil undecided whether to get it or not. I HATE thing feeling!!! I'm always undecided and I'm afraid when the time i make up my mind this Item might SOLD OUT!!!

The good thing about Jipaban I can put this item in my agg basket. haha how cute right =).

And if you're my jipaban friend, you can make my job easier by voting YES or NO for this item! If there are enough YES votes, I will buy it!!!

Omg this is so much fun! The mister you got to make me stay away from my credit card or else...we have to eat sweet potato every day =D.

Seriously I need to make more money to be able to shop more! Hmm...how about signing up as a retailer haha...good idea right? I can rent a shop space on Jipaban and get rid all my pre-love stuff! Jipaban really makes my job so much easier. I don't have to hire a web designer or crack my head and brain storm about creating a website and promoting it. Jipaban does its advertising and marketing. I'm actually quite impressed by the features available to shoppers as well as the retailers.

Shopping online has grown in popularity over the years. how could it not? Unlike the store, you can find just about anything you want. All you need to do is search for it, and a list will pop up with the click of your mouse. You don't have to go through a million aisles looking aimlessly for that one product. You can type in its keyword, and it will pop up on ya screen, It's as simple as that.

Anyway let us all be friends on Jipaban and explore more~

After hours of shopping...I found a few interesting shops that worth sharing with you girls =)


Loving handmade, This side sells some of the most beautiful and budget friendly accessories. Don't believe? Take a look at these awesome stuff.

Konvertibles, This bracelet can transform into different styles of necklaces.

beaded angel earrings

spiral ring

detachable charm pendants

guardian angel bookmark

Eency Weency

This blogshop is the perfect answer to girls looking trendy and casual clothes without pretentious prices. There're all ideal for hanging out and easy to run around town in.

Cat in a bowl

When I 1st check out the shop I straight away fall in love with it and add in to my mall. If you need a reason to celebrate femininity, Cat in a bowl can give you much more than just 1. I'm loving their vintage inspired dresses and skirts...look at this adorable skirt love quirky prints and funky colors. You are guaranteed to be on the pulse of fashion with an added feminine twist.

Check them out!!! Oh yeah and not to forget some anchor outlet..These awesome outlets are not to be missed!!!

Imagine if all of us did all our shopping on the internet. We would have air pollution solved in NO TIME at all! Generally there's less waste generated with internet shopping, no plastic bags, no receipt and no invoices. The world will definitely be a better place to live =).

Jipaban is on Facebook too, you can join here.You can follow them on their twitter here.

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5 Responses to Where Do I Normally Shop Online?

Hayley said...

Thanks for the infor Ming, gonna hop over there now!
Have a nice day ya!

D'Estrella said...

Hi Ming, thank you for the review of our products. We are very excited to be a part of Jipaban. :)

Have a lovely day!

.:Leeming:. said...

Heyley:haha ur welcome happy shopping babe remember to add me up =P

D'Estrella: It's a pleasure my dear and I'm loving those handmade jewellery especially the Konvertibles =)

Valerie Chua said...

Hi Ming, thanks for sharing this superb web!! :)

.:Leeming:. said...

valerie: Ur welcome babe!!! now you can shop modestarr at jipaban =)

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