Weekend Photos

Well as you know I was back to visit my grandpa...he's really ill and weak but look at what this so called "Dr. Leong" doing -______- ||| by the way the cute lady is my grandma. I guess she's too bored in the hospital.

We had Cendol...but I'm really disappointed cause it taste really bad!

I have a new hair do for free! Thanks sis I'm loving the new hair do =)

before we head back to KL we had a great family breakfast at Siang Chiang kopitiam. This coffee shop serve the best coffee ever!

Love the old school looking coffee shop

Toast Bread

chee cheong fun

Yee Mee

Nyonya Laksa

Nyonya Mee Siam

We were all really tired traveling up and down but the brother still need to rush for his band recording. Jeremy was back for recoding too~ I really can't wait the songs to be out...Good Luck Freeloaders Inc!!!


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One Response to Weekend Photos

Steffi said...

hey Ming! I love those old school coffee shops! =)
May I know the exact location of Siang Chiang kopitiam? My parents are from Malacca and we are constantly hunting for good authentic food =)

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