Don't We Love Topshop!

Last Thursday where everyone queuing up for Uniqlo grand opening...I was invited to Topshop reopening and also to view some pieces of Topshop "Unique" at KLCC. The high fashion refurbished store equipped with more style, more space for more shopping. Totally love the UK loft interior.

Malaysians have always had a love affair with english fashion and topshop make it way easier for us to shop. You can't find any reason to not love Topshop. Topshop is the quintessential example of British fashion brand that is best described as affordable high fashion. You can actually find anything you need in the store to revamp ya look...from girly girl floral style, punk rock style, to grunge look style. Topshop captures all that and more enhancing the various looks with an intriguing mix of accessories.

feast ya eyes with these pictures...I'll bring you around the store~
let's start out with the Topshop Christmas collection. The whole collection inspired by textures of the natural world. You can see they used a lot of different fabrics like chiffon, wool, crochet, feathers and fur...

loving the sweet candy pastel colours

beads details

all this little details just lighten up the whole really feels like Christmas right now!!!

and there's even more!!!

I want this leopard fur coat...I know it's so not suitable to wear it here...but ~ but ~ I just wanna own it

here comes the gorgeous accessories

feather earrings is a must have item in ya jewellery box.

"Boutique" line. These premium essentials are directional in style and far from boring, Interesting pieces include it's 70s simple stirrup trousers, fringe, the most comfortable basic singlets and biker jacket.

The must have basic section

Manicurists pampering customers with topshop limited edition nail colours.

The bags!!!

I'm aiming for the leather satchel...still thinking whether to get it or not. Sigh...that's why I always avoid going in to Topshop cause I know I'll definitely spend all my money.

Denim section

punk rock style

Loving those leggings

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!!!

I wish i owned all of these shoes...they are oh-so-gawjuz~

Well great thing always come lets talk about the high light of this post. "Unique" line of clothes it's limited and a more up market selection of fashion. "Unique" is Topshop progressive collection created by its design team...this Antumn/Winter 2010 Collection draws inspiration from the great outdoors.

Steven and jessica introduced Topshop Unique Collection

totally love the sophisticated prints. Can you see mushrooms, wild wolves, deers, rabbits and owls hide within camouflage?

soft chiffon dress with hand crafted crochet and lace panels conjure up an image of a twisted Narnia fantasy world full of woodland nymphs and fairies.

prints and fabrics are heavily influenced by woodland creatures and nature. the sumptuous teddy bear fur coat is reminiscent of a frizzly bear, fluffy mittens are paw-like, and shoe boots are adorned with tufts of sheepskin.

a few more pieces that I adore~

Heart the volume ruffle details!

I just love the whole thing

this is so cute!!!
Love the Unique Collection already? can always shop your favorite piece at Topshop KLCC.

before I end this post I really need to share this awesome news!!!
are you ready?
Topshop make up will made available here soon!!!

This consists of the Heavy Duty Collection. An awesome collection for girls with small eyes like me =).

I was given an invitation to the Topshop/Topman fashion show, and of course I would like vintagesnoise lovely readers to come along with me =). So....

I'm giving out 3 pairs of invites!!!

You may enter to win this invites. Simply be the 1st 5 person to comment why Topshop is your favorite store and why you love your recent buy so much? =)
*Don't forget to leave ya full name and email

good luck to you all! i will be announcing the winner tomorrow morning!

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10 Responses to Don't We Love Topshop!

Fatin said...

1) Topshop is my fave store because it's the ultimate in all things fabulous!
2) Loving my recent buy so much coz it makes me ooze super hawt-ness!!
name: fatin feisal

Lavender said...

I love topshop because they're quick and trends and make runway looks available to the masses. And I love my recent Topshop purchase so much because it's such a fashion statement yet goes with just about every outfit, so versatile!

FIFIONA said...
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FIFIONA said...

love topshop for their awesome trendiness and high-fashion style that are so affordable...

my recent buy not only make me look great on the outside but totally make me feel confident and good on the inside...=)

fiona tong

Ashreen said...

1. Topshop is my favorite store because they provide us with gorgeous pieces that are both trendy AND unique!

2. I love my recent Topshop purchase so much because it makes me feel like Kate Moss!

Full name: Ashreen Kaur

Suzane said...
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Suzane said...

1. because of its one of a kind design. seems like i would have fallen in love in every of its design.

2. i love my recent buy so much as i feel good wearing it around and that i do not have to go overseas just to have it. there is one right in klcc.

name: suzane mah nyuk fung


Miu said...

1. I love topshop's vintage clothing, the layering, the color combination, the style, I am a natural, carefree and down to earth chick and I love anything that's boho/vintage/retro/gypsy-ish.

2. My recent haul made me feel like the only chick that had a good dress on that night *perasaan*. Money well worth spent!

PeiJun said...

Topshop is my fav store cos it smells very sophisticated! I just loveeee walking into Topshop and feel the clothes. love stuffs from Topshop cos it makes me feel like i just walked out from a fashion magazine..!

too bad malaysia isn't a 4 season country.

Pei Jun

Rachel Scarlet said...

ARGGGGHHH~~~ I cannot step into TopShop. I'd spend spend spend :X!! Oh it's about time they brought in the cosmetics range..dying to check them out! :P

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