Topshop/Topman Autumn Winter Fashion Show

Oh my I haven't been blogging for 2 days...and how pathetic is that to blog at McDonald's right now cause the house connection is not working at all. Well my weekend was not really great...I have to rush back to Malacca to visit my grandpa. He is admitted to the hospital again. I really hope everything goes well...sigh lets not talk about the sad stuff.

Now feast your eyes with the long waited Topshop/Topman Fashion Show!

I totally love the details of this dress

This is one of my favorite coat

The mister love the pants!

Heart those flowy chiffon material

Fatin sweetie

The gawjuz Jay from Project Runway and Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 1

My friend Lina was there too

Overall It was a great event!!! The crowd was good~ Me and the mister had lotsa fun...everyone literally gone crazy with the 20% and RM50 voucher like as if everything is FREE in Topshop.

Maxi Dress, ThePopLook - Chain Belt, Topshop - Jeweller, Baci and Diva

p/s: I have to make this post really short cause the mister is rushing and I can see that he's really bored. Look what he did while I'm writing this post -_________-|||

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3 Responses to Topshop/Topman Autumn Winter Fashion Show

sharon said...

I noticed you have fringe here. Just cut ah? :)

.:Leeming:. said...

haha yeap babe =)oh yea i wanna tell you I'm loving all ya pictures and the way you dress =P

sharon said...

Aww thank you! Very much! :)

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