Stary stary night

So far this would be the second time for us to head to the club this year. I'm not a girl who love to club but surprisingly I bump into a number of friends there =). That night was simply amazing everyone was in high spirits. Loving the vibe I think it's quite safe to say that hip-hop's not dead. I wonder how Velvet's gonna top this one. If they bring in other hip-hop greats, my soul will be well fed. Holla!

all dress up and ready!!!

Top, Modestarr - Bodycon skirt, ThePopLook - Belt, Baci - Earrings, Souvenir from Peng - Vintage watch, Rado - Red pumps, Nose.

Serene and Theng

I bump into Catherine she's one of the contestant for the pearl pageant thingy

The night was filled with fun, laughs and most especially...Great company!

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3 Responses to Stary stary night

siaolee said...


i really like your hair here. did you get it permanently permed or was it via a curler?


.:Leeming:. said...

hi siaolee thanks for the compliment totally appreciate it =) well i didn't permed or curl my hair...I just had a hair cut and my sis kinda layer my hair =)

siaolee said...

you sister definitely did a great job! it looks fantastic!

is it easy to maintain?

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