Going Crazy Over Shoes

WeeEee just got my new heels from Shoeville . I'm so in love with all the shoes there~ you girls should definitely check out their November new arrivals...now I'm aiming for this!!!

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4 Responses to Going Crazy Over Shoes

Hayley said...

The heels are nice.. but also very high..
Wont you feel discomfort? hehe..

Miu said...

hey u bought yours already? i haven't bought mine.. n duno put where liao my voucher >_<!

btw nice heel.. with zipper!!!

hagemaru said...

thats so cute. i love it <3

.:Leeming:. said...

heyley:Hehe yea but I think I'm use to it d babe =)

Miu: Haha yea i love the details =) aik where you put yours...i guess its valid till 31Oct only.

hegemaru: Thanks!!! you can get it at BSC Shoeville =)

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