Topshop Nail Polish: Big Smoke

I totally fell in love with this color as I lay eyes on it. Topshop's nail polish in Big Smoke. I like the color it falls into pale grey..."greige" category. It goes on nicely with my skin color and I was very impressed with the color that comes out on the nails. The consistency of the polish is lovely and super easy to apply. The above picture is only one coat. I rarely apply two coats of polish because I'm lazy and I didn't want the color to be too solid...surprisingly the drying time isn't bad at all =).

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2 Responses to Topshop Nail Polish: Big Smoke

Anonymous said...

Hi,may i kw where can get and how much?:) Thanks.

.:Leeming:. said...

You can't get it in Malaysia right will be out this coming December =) If I'm not mistaken it's RM29-RM33

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