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Align CenterThanks Nuffnang and FACES for choosing me as one of the FACES magazine Top 10 bloggers. I felt so surreal and happy at the same time. I've done quite a few photo shoots but none related about my yeah this is the 1st time! I had so much fun during the interview and photo shoot =). For your information the photo shoot took place at G guys should really check out this new building in town =).

The 9 other bloggers who got featured are:

Niki Cheong


Cindy Tey

Vivy Yusof

Zainal Zuhary


Cheng Leong

Hanis Zalikha

Kimberly Low

p/s: Thanks Nuffnang once again...this is definitely one great experience =).

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11 Responses to check me out on FACES

just walt said...

i'm gonna buy this mag just because you're in it. :P

.:Leeming:. said...

haha thanks so much walter hiiiiiiii~

Miu said...

XD feel happy for you ming!

.:Leeming:. said...

hehe thanks babe...where were you on Tuesday me and Fatin was searching for you =)

Anonymous said...

will go get the mag!

wow u have creepy readers. Did the reader give away the shihtzu when u gave away yours? that would be even more creepier..


Fadah said...

tahniah kepada semua

.:Leeming:. said...

anonymous: Wow how do you know about me giving away my dog? Guess you must be somebody that knoes me well babe =D...hmm well I'm not sure about that but I don't see her with the dog anymore thou =P

Fadah:Thanks alot babe =)

Anonymous said...

i read on your blog before =)

u look gorgeous in the mag!


.:Leeming:. said...

But I don remember I wrote about me giving away my dog =) well anyway thanks~ appreciate much!

The Mister said...

well done my love! way to go :D

Anonymous said...

check back on your comments...

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