The busy lifestyle

Sorry for the LOOOONGGG Hiatus~ Seems like this year just started, but here we are half-way through it already. Yeap! I know I'm not updating this page for a long long time. I've been caught up with so many things lately and  my months just seem to get busier and busier! Life is so crazy busy that I feel like I have less time to do the things I blogging! I am really going to try to focus on it more as well as the other things that I have stopped doing! Weird~But I admit I kinda love the busy lifestyle.

You must be wondering what I've been doing lately. I finally landed a skin care commercial wEeeeEe =)...Not just that~ Guess what! I actually had a chance to be at the back scene of a commercial. I was actually helping out one of my friend to street cast and coordinate the talents on set. It was so much FUN!!! It's a real eye opener to see all the work that goes into setting up a scene. There are so many people involved that we rarely get to see. What a coincidence! My uncle was the art director for the commercial as well. It was so exciting to see the scene being set up and knowing it's being done for the particular commercial......we fail to realize, or recognize, all that goes into a production...the lighting, cables, sets,'s a lot of work and must be done properly. My hat goes off to the production crew and all the organization that goes into making the production come off so well.

Now feast your eyes with these behind scene pictures. I can't reveal all the pictures until the ad is officially launch =) You got to stay tuned this page for more pictures~

Mom and dad was involved in the commercial as well. They were the pricey couple.

We meet again girl! This is Yasmine

The gorgeous couple!

Pyjamas in public?

p/s: Sorry to keep you guys waiting, but I'll try my best to blog more~ =) Have a great weekend ahead! XO

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