Half Way There

Wohooo~ I'm half way there!!! I'm making progress around here...my room is almost done! Just a bit here and there and I'm ready to move in =). I was struggling this whole week with the room decorations. I need to figure out storage solutions without things looking  cluttered and also I need to find a way to make the spaces as big  as possible. These are a few images of some very inspiring room spaces that I am hoping to borrow a few ideas from. The placing of the furniture must be right, a plain curtain,  arabic carpet, hanging shelves as my workplace . Do any of you have any suggestion for a tiny room?

Have a great day ahead people XO~

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One Response to Half Way There

anna said...

Ooh love these pics thx for sharing! u can find lotsa inspiration on Pinterest too :) i'm also figuring out how to deco my room without looking cluttered...exciting!

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