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Hello everyone! Lately there has been a tag that I've seen a lot of other fashion bloggers doing that I thought was pretty interesting and cute. So here goes mine =)~


1)            Why you love Fashion so much?

This is how much I love about fashion!!! Fashion speaks who you are and it’s important. Fashion it’s never dead. The way a person dresses can really affect a person self image and affect how others will treat them. Fashion gives people an identity, changes moods and influences behaviour and attitude. That’s how powerful fashion is!

2)            Who are your all-time favorite Fashion Icon/ Inspiration?

I always have a major girl crush on Alexa Chung. She have this laid-back London street chic with an indie retro twist style. She always seems to look great!

3)            What’s your Fashion style?

Well as you can see...I don’t really have a specific style, I love trying new style~

4)            What’s your Fashion must have?

A good pair of Jeans definitely!

5)            Any styling tips for everyone?

Just be who you are, less is more!

6)            The worst Fashion ‘faux pas’ (big No No) ever trending?

Crocs! First bursting into the scene as health boosting footwear, Crocs slowly crawled into our everyday lives. What was once limited to your ailing aunt to the toddlers from your neighbourhood, the footwear became the staple for almost everyone you knew. They are undeniably comfortable but also equally hideous to look at. The footwear is also aptly named since it pretty much resembles its reptilian inspiration.

7)            What about your own worst Fashion style?

Hmm probably wearing micro skirt when I was in my college years =D

8)            Now, Why Are You The One To Watch?

Why I’m the one to watch? Cause I’m worth watching!! Haha I’m just joking...but I Just stumbled upon this competition while reading the IFB newsletter , gave it a quick look even if I don't usually enter competitions. This one though caught my attention because it's about creating a moodboard with Guess products. Being the fashionista that I am, I do love creating moodboard prior to styling myself or doing my reference on what to buy this season and that's why I thought of entered the competition.

It’s really easy to take part...not rocket science =)


1. Sign up by sharing your blog, social networks and writing style.

2. Create a trend board that shows us your style and unique vision.

3. Share with your friends and rally support.

4. Earn Style Points to help you become the One to Watch.

The Winner will be the official international GUESS Watches Ambassador. In addition the winner will be official blogger for the global GUESS access blog.

For more information simply go to the GUESS One To Watch page to enter, and to see others submissions.

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