Celcom Samsung Galaxy S III Roadshow at Mid Valley, South Court

How's ya weekend guys? did you visit the Samsung Galaxy S III roadshow at Mid Valley. As I mentioned on my previous post, you'll be the 1st to experience and own a Samsung Galaxy S III from Celcom. The crowd was crazy yesterday and Celcom have ready stock for Samsung Galaxy S III.

Everybody just wants to view the new phone.

WeEeee~ I finally had the chance to view the AWESOME Samsung Galaxy S III.

With the screen size of 4.8 inches, the phone feels big in hand. But that is somewhat of an industry standard nowadays. The phone is built of glossy plastic but it feels sturdy and quite classy. The super AMOLED screen has a resolution of 1280X720 pixels. It has punchy colors, something that is hallmark of AMOLED screens.

The mister go crazy over the phone as well!

Samsung says the phone's design and user interface are inspired by shapes and sounds found in nature. As you power up the phone. the lock screen on the phone doesn't have any strip showing people how they should swipe he way it is on iPhone. Instead it asks users to swipe on the screen. and when a user does that, the moment creates ripples, as if there is water under the screen, before it is unlocked.

Met my coll friend at the roadshow too =)

To recap, Celcom offered affordable plan for Samsung Galaxy S III!

For more information Visit http://www.celcom.com.my/smartphones/galaxys3.php .

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