Being Hipster For a Day

The sun was out and shining bright today. Almost every photo was me looking into the camera with squinted eyes  and some not lovely faces. These were the only ones that turned out somewhat pleasant. So here you go another 'What I Wore' post. Yeap! It's been ages since I last update on what I wore =). Life been a lil mess up for me lately, but now I'm through with it!

What I Wore

The Bohemian look! Kinda miss this look =).  FYI the word "Bohemian" was originally used to describe the non-traditional lifestyles of people who lived  very artistic lives like writers, artists, musicians, actors etc. in European cities. It is more a way of life where they had different political and social ideas than most people and express them through 'free love, frugality, and voluntary povery' which can be seen in their dress.

The bohemian look is to express creativity and individuality with the simplicity look of messy chic layering and accessories but it is not meant to be overdone. It is all about looking effortless in your clothing and is meant to represent an easy-going lifestyle.

Floral Top | BACI - Lace Vest | Thrift Store - Shorts | Jade - Gladiator Wedges | Flea Market - Bag | Cotton On - Accessories | BKK & Diva

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2 Responses to Being Hipster For a Day

Elle said...

I love your outfit! I am all for the bohemian look when kept simple. I love to mix a little bit of bohemian into my wardrobe during the summer! Makes me feel so carefree! Thanks for sharing this look!

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