There's Alot To Be DONE!

Top, Vintage - Layer skirt, Baci - Heart shaped socks, Daiso - Mary Jane pumps, Aldo - Bag, Marc Jacob - Scarf, Lulu Guinness.

I FEEL HORRIBLE!!! First of all, there's a huge gut accumulating on my stomach, because I’m too lazy to shake it off through exercise. I swear, if I don’t get a new sport soon, obesity will become me. KL has been crazy hectic for me these past few days. The heat and traffic, I definitely do not miss! Also, in just 3 days, I’ve spent half my salary! The braces and house rent really cost me a BOMB. Money SERIOUSLY flows like water here!

This week is a crazy one! we have so much to do around here. i'm hoping that i will be able to stay organized and really tackle this to-do list. a few things i am hoping to complete this week are...

1.Clean... organize & declutter my room. this is a big one! I've got a lot of stuff and i think it's time we had a yard sale to get rid of some of it. I'm even thinking about having a blog sale for a few things. Especially those clothes!!! ArhHHhh~

2. Clean up the toilet.

3.Catch up on laundry.

4.Bump into Albert Nico the other day and he asked me for my name card...I'm like NoOo!!! I totally forgot about the whole name card thingy that i was supposed to do...This week i got to start creating a new name card for myself.

I guess that's good enough for this week. Hope all this can be done on Sunday. Wish me luck! Oh Yeah I'm coming home Malacca!!!

p/s: I had a wonderful dinner with ya last night Mister Wayne =). Deja Vu~ so proud that I manage to finish up my dinner wohooo~ shame on you Wayne booo =P

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2 Responses to There's Alot To Be DONE!

sherlyn said...

nice outfit!!! i never dare to wear socks like tis cz i thought it would make my leg looks seriously fat...but i m so tempted to try it out after looking at ur post! haha anwyay, the skirt so nice! looks like a skort actually :p

.:Leeming:. said...

Thz darl...I loving ya outfit too =)try it ur so skinny I think you will def look good in it =)haha and yeap it's a skort. I won't wear such a short skirt haha =D

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