I'm On A Signage?

Last night when I was catching up with mich darl...she showed me this pic~ I'm like @_@ OMG!!! That's a huge signage of my face -________-..."Heaven Beauty Salon" huh? Heaven la sangat~ Oh my seriously I really should start charging people for photoshoot so It's worth having that braces on haha~

It's Wednesday! Two more day till the weekend! woohoo~

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6 Responses to I'm On A Signage?

Joanne said...

Where is it yea ?

Chia Yi said...

u know they can't use your picture without your consent right?

Hayley said...

You on a signage?? cool! :P

.:Leeming:. said...

joanne: it's in klang~

Chia yi: I knoe I can actually sue them if i want.

Hayley: cool and uncool haha~

joyie said...

this pic of yours i saw it somewhere else too..not only this Heaven Salon using it i think..i forgotten where is it d..should 'copyright' leeming liao...haha

rYnz's Closet said...

ming darl contact them and deal with them! hehehe. they are like stealing your property

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