Greatest Present Ever!

Good morning to you! Once again a HUGE THANKS for all ya lovely birthday wishes. I truly appreciate it. Well i'm glad the braces is finally gone!!! This is definitely the most greatest birthday pressie ever~ I have a very busy next few days! Lots & lots of exciting things happening this month. There's plenty of things need to be done and I'm working on my goals for 2011.Hmm...where should I start 1st ? =)

hope you have a lovely Saturday.

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9 Responses to Greatest Present Ever!

Jau Sang said...


All new person without the braces..

U look so pretty!

Present from the God, definitely!

princess ayu said...

hi happy bday to u...may i c b4 n after pics? i want to hv braces but dun really dare to c the effects after it will b put off...if u dont mind la..hee..^^ V wish u gud luck in all ur undertaking & hv a great day~

Milo Kaw Kaw! said...

Whee! Finally, it's out! Still looking good as ever.

Have a great weekend ahead, ming ( :

Milo Kaw Kaw! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suraya said...

aaah, finally ur braces is off :)

sherlyn said...

u look so different! lolzz
but is a compliment!
really really really pretty!!!~ :p

.:Leeming:. said...

sang: thx for the compliments

ayu: thx babe!!!haha you can check out the picture below this post~ thats the 1st day i puting on braces =)

mich:haha yeap finally =) thx alot babe hugs~

Suraya: YESSS!!! haha~

sherlyn: hehe thx =) i adore ya blog alot =)

ah beng said...

Is time to shine!

Jazzy*Pam said...

Yays for you. Looking gorgeous, babe! :)

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