Lovely Wednesday

It's bright and early on this semi gloomy Wednesday morning. I'm wide awake, full with energy after such a long sleep. I had a little late breakfast. Yeap~ i have to make my own breakfast how sad is that...but i enjoy doing it. It's been a while since i had instant noodles for breakfast =).
After being all stressed up about the accident, upcoming shoots, pageant and work...the mister being so nice yesterday. He knows i love ice cream alot.So he brought me to Ice Monster at Sunway Pyramid. The Jumbo Fresh Mango Milk Ice is my all time favourite.
Its cold dessert with fine ice crystal. A let down, rough ice texture(think ice kacang). However, this dessert is moderately sweeten, which is a good thing, and the mango ice cream on top is superb.
I love ice-cream and sweet stuff. It's kinda sick and crazy how much i love them, but i just brightens up my day.
If I could eat ice-cream everyday, I would technically...but then if I did...I'd be SUPER LARGE and I'd have to buy new clothes and I just cant afford that so I guess technically I can't...haha~One day, I will open up a ice cream shop. I will make delicious ice cream and eat low fat yogurt ice cream all day =D.

Top, Old Skool - Floral Shorts, Baci - Vintage Bag, CarloRino - Watch, Casio - Black Pumps, Vincci.

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3 Responses to Lovely Wednesday

Hayley said...

Lovely... love your top, very cute! hehe.
Hope you have a lovely Thursday as well!

.:Leeming:. said...

hehe i bought it last year at FOS =).Now belongs to my bf cause he wear it more than i do =)...I'm sick right now =( so it wont be a lovely hav a lovely Thursday k darl =)

Anonymous said...

hi ming, always see u wearing pumps, dont ur feet get pain? my feet start crying after wearing pumps for like 2 hours! i wish i could wear them to anywhere just like you :(

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