Oh Saturday

Happy Monday everybody!!! To tell you the truth this Monday feels like Friday to me cause I'm not working today and I won't be working for the whole week. Yeap...I'm no longer working in Baci anymore!!! Finally I can take a short break =)...I'm soOooo gonna take this 1 whole week to get rid of my pre-love clothes...so make sure you girls check out Ming's Closet too ya...
I hope your weekend was wonderful. My weekend was wonderful with the mister...He brought me to Marche for our Saturday night dinner. I've been eating like a pregnant women lately. The mister been feeding me like alot. He kept saying that I lost weight but i personally think that i gained. As usual he love seeing plenty of food on the table and he ordered like as if there's 4 person eating.... -____________-
After dinner we head back home for a movie. We watch 'Alfie' that night...Jude Law is Oh-So-Charming~ through out the whole movie I was like omg baby he so handsome...so charming...I wish I can have a boyfriend like him...LOL~ well i wouldn't said It was an awesome movie...it was ok~ but the best part is you felt like as if Jude Law was talking to you... =D
It was a great Saturday!!!

Lace top, Cotton On - Stripe peplum skirt, ThePopLook - Vintage watch, Rado - Black pumps, Vincci.

p/s: I just got back from a tragic accident...will blog about it tomorrow...T-T

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4 Responses to Oh Saturday

Rachel Scarlet said...

Oh dear! I just went there last Sunday! I love that place :) eh can take picture kah? They did not allow me to take picture :(

sherlyn said...

wow! i love the skirt!
*top as well! but its too sexy on me! hahh*

n i miss Marche lots~ although i just went there last week =.="" lolzz haha

Anonymous said...

saw you at baci :)
you look better in real life. was having double thoughts if it was you :)

.:Leeming:. said...

rachel: Hahaha i curi curi ambik gambau 1 =P...I love it too...

sherlyn:thx darl...you can get it from thepoplook but then i think out of stock =)...hopefully they bring in more peplum skirt =)

anonymous:=) thx for ya compliment babe *blush*

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