A Nightmare Of My Life

Well when I said my car was badly damage. You wouldn't imagine how bad It could be...I might let the photos speak on behalf on me this time.

On the way to the mister place. I was driving happily all alone by myself. Ok...you may say I'm a weird girl but I love driving alone so there's no distraction around me. I've been driving for 6 years and I never met into an accident before. Throw me a manual car I can still handle it well.
when I was driving toward the upcoming traffic light. I remember clearly it was a green light. so i just move forward...half way through there's this Saga from the left junction just ramp towards my car. I tried to stop but my car just slid into the left sidewalk. The impact was so strong my car is totally out of control.
I was aware everything at all once-the trees, the right turning, my grocery on the seat, how bright blue the sky was, the
position of cars in my rear view mirror.
I was aware of every other street and car and pedestrian and sidewalk and house that caught my eye. When I look back, it's as though I had 360 degree vision.
I noticed the curb and the trees in front of me, but my car was sliding toward it. "Oh God, don't let me slam into that curb and the trees." I knew that hitting the curb would have changed what was happening so much, but with that thought...Pow!...For
a moment....just a moment....I asked if I was dead, and honestly, I was waiting for people to step through to greet me.
Those expectations didn't last long as my car engine still running. I quickly turn off the engine then get out from the car. I opened the door not knowing what I was to step into. The warm, bright sunlight hit my face and I felt better. It was familiar. I was alive.
Now I could see the other party come running toward me from across the street...asking me whether i was fine. Drivers on the road were staring. That's what people do. They stare.
I pulled out my cell phone to contact my dad. Everything was settled and that's where I felt that I'm such a lucky girl to have such great dad =). There were no deaths and injuries
, The other party was fine. Her car barely damage...and thank god I'm fine too~
My body is still arching right now...off to bed again~

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11 Responses to A Nightmare Of My Life

Milo Kaw Kaw! said...

No worries dear. Most important thing is, you're alright.
God bless.

Hayley said...

Oh No!! Nasty huh?
But thank God you're fine!!
Do drive safe next time!
Take care dear~

v a m p i r e said...

lucky you're fine , car is no big deal but as long as you're safe , that matters most

Sha-Lene said...

Oh gosh, I didn't know it was you! Glad you're okay!! I was so shocked when I saw the scene. Whoaa.

Rachel Kristen Tan said...

Aiyoo, Vince told me last night and i got a shock. Hope you're alright! Get more rest :)

Roger said...

Thank God you are OK. You can always fix the car or buy a new one. The main thing is that you are safe. We have a Thanksgiving party for you. :)

P.S> Hope you recover soon from your traumatic experience.

Erika Toh said...

Oh my, thank god you're alright. Take care and be more careful next time. :)

.:Leeming:. said...

milo kaw kaw:yea thanks for ya concern babe hugss~

Hayley:quite nasty...thanks darl for ya concern...=)

Vampire:yeap thank god i'm fine =) thanks for ya concern babe =)

shalene: You saw the accident?

rachel:I'm alright darl...thanks for ya concern =)

roger:thanks for ya concern roger =)

Erika:thanks for ya concern darl =)

Zul Helmi said...

thank god you all right....

.:Leeming:. said...

yea thank god =)

雨林画室 teearts.studio (Malaysia) said...

God bless!

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