Back On Track!!!

I wanted to share with you guys about my weekend yesterday but I'm too tired to do it... cause I had a tiger beer print ad shoot yesterday. It's not really exhausted cause I only need to shoot for 1 scene but I'm really happy that I'm back on track =D.
Ok get back to weekend. Last Sunday was a great day I met up with my new sponsor i wear sin
. This clothing line is different from the other sponsors. their style is a little bit more edgy and the colors of clothing is a little dull like black, grey, white... and they have a lot of basic stuff that girls really need to have it in their closet. I find their website interesting cause they selling their clothes according to theme. Now they have the sailor girl theme~ you girls really should check it out!!!
Sunday was a cloudy day. Perfect weather to hang out with the mister and friends...while I'm driving to mister wayne's place my brother called me up for dinner. He said he, Rachel and Shazwan will be cooking~ Since I haven't visited his new crib so I thought why not.
Well we definitely had fun catching up , makan and singing to songs...the dinner was good and the night was great~

Balacan SotongMix vege that my brother called it ' Gao Liao' cause it looks like * dog food*Tofuok I forgot what you call this...but it taste awesome!!! 1 of Rachel creation =)hmm~hmm~ice-cream for dessertStripe twirl dress, I Wear Sin - Clogs, Baci - Bag, Marc Jacob.

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5 Responses to Back On Track!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've seen their advert on tv once. So, they're providing u their clothes for free now?


Rachel Kristen Tan said...

Ming!! link me kekeke *shy* can i also have the pictures? :)

.:Leeming:. said...

mel:yea they are one of my sponsor right now =)

rach:u can grab all the pictures here babe...oh yea get me more jobs wahahaha~

Rachel Kristen Tan said...

Wahhh demand more jobs some more hehehe okie lar, u belanja me I 'sell' you more wahaha *evil grins*

.:Leeming:. said...

eh obviously la...dah miskin need more jobs haha...can~can~u sell me i belanja you~ hahaha

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