Go Wayne!!!

Me and the mister always supporting each other. Basically we know each other in our best and worst...He was always by my side trying to do his best to fix the problem, supporting me morally, psychologically, basically that was what I needed...
With this relationship we’ve been through a lot, he had his moments and I had mine so basically we know each other in our best and worst.
This obstacles are not just simple bad coincidences, these are moments that open our eyes to get to know ourselves better and to let us know each other better.I'm really happy to have him in my life =).
Well the other day he was having this charity futsal tournament and I was there to support his team. Guess what those guys name their team.....' Tung Tak Tung Tak'....-__________- what a ridiculous name LOL~ I thought the whole game is gonna be boring so I brought some snacks and magazine with me but it's way interesting than I thought... I was like shouting YAYY here and there all alone by myself cause his team mates girlfriends are still in bed...I know I look stupid but i had fun =)
At the end of the day Team ' Tung Tak Tung Tak' won!!! Congratulation guys!!! GOOD GAME!!! ' Tung Tak Tung Tak' is not a stupid team afterall...they just sounded stupid to me =D.

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That's essential in a relationship it requires lotsa understandings and mutual trust ( :
Happy lovin' babe!

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