A Date With The Mister

Last evening I asked a certain someone on a little date since I'll be leaving to Bangkok for 2 days and he said YES! I was so excited after a long week of work...work...work...and...football...football...football...I'm not complaining here. But surprisingly I actually enjoy the football season so far~ Well I just can't wait to go for an outing, eat some yummy dinner and catch a movie at home.

We went dinner at Ikea~ It's my suggestion cause I'm craving for their meat balls. Sigh I've been eating a lot recently and gained a few pounds. Seriously this GOT TO STOP!!! The mister is very happy seeing me eating -____-...Stop tempting me with all these yummy fattening food...=(

Yummilicious meat balls
he's enjoying his organic pasta

After dinner, I thought of having dessert~ so we ordered Daim cake and after strolling around the mall...we have our favourite green tea ice cream yummy~

Stripe Top, ThePopLook - Tutu Skirt, ThePopLook - Straw Hat, fourskin - Clogs, Baci - Vintage Sling Bag, Calorino. We gobbled and slurping our treats in the car and headed home for movie. This time we choose an older movie to watch 'Matchstick Man'. It was a great movie...you will never expect what happened at the end of the movie. I'm a little irritating during the movie...being anticipated I asked plenty of questions cause the mister watch the movie before =) but he couldn't be bothered =(

It was a lovely evening~ We totally had a great time. I felt like I'm the luckiest girl!

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