10 More Days To Go And Still Counting~

Like finally after 2 years...haha YEAP the braces is coming off real SOON~ 10 more days to go and still counting.~ I'm so EXCITED!!! There's no time to waste I got a lot brain storming and planning to do. It's gonna be tough and very very busy week ahead but I'm all prepared. I will keep going like the energizer bunny and start working like I've never work before~ The mister promise that he gonna go through the hard time with me =)...

Wish me luck~ xoxo~

Checked Top, The Penguin Brand By Musingwear - Basic White Singlet, Hush Puppies - Denim Shorts, Hollister - Head Band, Baci - Red Pumps, Nose - Vintage Bag, Calorino.

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