This Is My Life

I've been really busy at work lately, because of the hectic schedule. Which is why I haven't been posting~ I really want to update but sometimes you need to sacrifice for your priorities.

I will be staying in all day today catching up on sleep and other things like email and posting. Well work has really been picking up, everyday is a busy day. I'M EXHAUSTED! This past week has been incredibly but boy I am POOPED! I've been planning and sketching the detailed of my schedule. So I could manage my time more effectively~ Everyone knows I've never been late. I understood the value of time much more than the past and I never waste it for noting!

I really hope I have a good year ahead and I can finally meet my goals as It's been a long while that I've had a gap between my desires and my achievements. But no matter how busy I am, I will always be there for my family~

Everyone was wondering whether I'm still with him cause I hardly blog about the mister lately...FYI yea I am =)~ Both of us been really busy.

We had a great sushi dinner night out with the family~

Met up with the brother's girlfriend Soo Yin =)

We ordered too many foods, pictured here are some of the foods we ordered~

And guess what I found after dinner? I found this lovely picture in my brother's wallet =). How sweet is that! A picture of us when I was 20, he was 22 and the sister was19...and now, we've all grown up!

What I Wore:

I tried the jeans on denim and the animal print trend. Everyone knows jeans is always a trend, especially among teenagers. The new blue jeans style is absolutely divine and can be worn casually by everyone regardless of age. Denim outfits area highly versatile and can be worn casually or casually chic depending on how you accessorized. The colaration of these stylist denim outfits can vary and there are a variety of blue hues to choose from.

As you can see I play with 2 different hues of denim in my outfit...and it goes well together. On top of that I match it with a wolf print cut out top.  I've noticed that animal prints are in...rather than focusing on patterns. Now the stylish people are wearing everything from cows to dogs on their sleeves and skirts!

Denim Jacket, Hollister - Wolf Print Cut Out Top, ThePopLook - Jeans, Miss Selfridge - Checked Scarf, Brands Outlet - Pumps, Aldo.


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6 Responses to This Is My Life

Matha Carnett said...

Great article! Thanks. If you don't mind, checkout my site US Dating, I just made it and am looking for feedback! Thanks :)

mooiyan said...

you look great Ming!:D and i love your new blog.hehe

Hayley said...

Your pumps are quite high, Ming. Wont your legs feel uncomfortable?
Happy weekend ya!

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks so much babe~ appreciate much! =)

.:Leeming:. said...

Thanks! =)

.:Leeming:. said...

Yeap Its 4 to 5 inch =D, but this pumps is extremely comfortable! You have a great weekend ahead too ya~

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