The Iconic US jeanwear brand, Wrangler

Remember I was talking about the jeans on denim style. Well it seems like denim will never go out of fashion. Ever since denim was invented people have been attracted towards it, first for its durability next for its comfort and versatility. The vast variations of colors and styles have allowed denim to maintain a top position among fashion trend. Blue jeans are definitely found in almost everyone’s wardrobe. I seriously don’t mind spending on a pair of good jeans!

If you’re looking for a perfect collection that has all the must have jeans designs look no further. Wrangler is your perfect fit. YEAP! Now you can shop your favorite Wrangler jeans at Sunway Pyramid. Wrangler is one of the most pop brands of jeans in the world. It offers jeans of high quality and style for both man and women. I was really honored to be one of the blogger to walk down the runway for the opening of Wrangler. Did I tell you I had so much fun with the other bloggers! =)

I haven't done this for a long time since MDG =)


Nick Davis





Marcilio Lobo

Ok enough of all the unprofessional model striking their pose on runway. Now let’s take a look at the professional ones. I seriously can’t take my eyes off their editorial. Tallulah Morton looks Oh-So-Sexy in those Wrangler Jeans. These perfect cut jeans are the key outfit that guarantees your spotless hot season look.

Camila Mendes

As you know jeans can be worn by everyone regardless of age. There are plenty blue jeans outfits to choose from as the new trends vary widely and allow us to select which suits our style and personality best!  Wrangler provides you with a brief into their new season selection of the hottest, classy and chic jeans. These jeans are HOT! You will be sure to stand out from the crowd~

Wrangler is not just about jeans…there are so many varieties to choose from jeans, shirt to accessories. Take a closer peek at this cool selection of outfits.

I totally love Wrangler’s skinny jeans, it’s classy and stylish. Pair the feminine light or dark colored jeans with high heels, or A-list wedges to add a fine and sophisticated allure to your look. These skin tight jeans designs will set you apart from the rest making you feel pleasant and confident in your skin.

Another thing that I really want to own from Wrangler is their shorts. I always love wearing shorts cause it makes my legs look longer =)…oh and shorts are always the great outfit if you’re on a lazy day out. Cause you’ll never go wrong with it.

Whether its shorts or regular length, jeans always look amazing and can be worn with simple T-shirt, blouses, blazers or even vest. The options are endless as jeans can work with almost anything.  Go for a high quality and timeless brand when you purchase the must have jeans designs. Let Wrangler show you how to spot the latest denim trends.

To find out more about Wrangler you can add them at!/MyWrangler

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Yvvone Yee said...

Great post as usual, Ming ^^

cutebun said...

Pretty jeans and you are pretty too!

Jean Junction said...

You loking so pretty!!!
Wrangler Jeans

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