I'm 24!

What can I say but simply thanks to my cyber family, friends and my family for all the birthday wishes and greetings...really appreciate much! I also wanted to apologize for my brief hiatus the past few day, turns out its a lot harder to blog while you have to juggle a few jobs than I thought.

Can't believe I turned 24 already! It freaks me out knowing the fact that I'm getting older and LOOK OLDER each day. Anyhoo I had a terrific bday even though I'm working on my birthday. The mister bought me strawberry chocolate cake, his sister got me a basic black top and my Oh-So-Lovely agent Shaun sent me a beautiful bouquet.

Thanks Shaun for the lovely card and best wishes. Together with the bouquet you sent, my birthday was made truly memorable.

The most funniest thing that happened on my birthday! Well at least I find It funny.

My manager having a hard time getting a cake for me and everyone knows that its pointless to get a cake for me...cause I won't be eating it =D. So she got me this cute lil Tim Tam Truffles from Delectable. Here the story goes~

Wennice: It's damn hard to get a cake for you...and I know you won't be eating it. You always diet~ diet~ I went to Delectable thinking what to get for you. The assistant asked me to get cupcakes for you. I'm sure you're not gonna finish up those 3 capcakes la. So I told the assistant oh no not cupcakes cause asking her to eat all 3 cupcakes is like asking her go to hell. So he asked me to get that huge macaroons...I was thinking ok la but we don't have a refrigerator in the store. But that's the only thing I think you'll makan. When I was about to pay then I saw this cute truffles...then I'm like I'm taking these! forget about the macaroon...if she can't finish up these 3 lil balls her boyfriend can actually help her to eat.

LOL~ I'm like you don't have to get anything for me =). Anyway thanks Wennice and Yi Hua.

NEVER FAIL! Every year I had sticky date pudding from Frames. Those 3 charming bosses are just darling~ They even made cocktail for me =).

Thanks so much for the birthday cake baby!

Can you guess what time I blow out those candles =). I actually blow out those candles at 12:35am LOL~

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by so many good people. I've received so many warm wishes from all the lovely people. Thanks again to all of you for ya birthday wishes~


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10 Responses to I'm 24!

Wennice said...

OMG! you wrote the entire conversation! you evil freak. bleh.

.:Leeming:. said...

wahaha~ Yea I find it damn funny! have fun on ya holiday ya!

FatiN said...

happy birthday again babe!! and 24 is not old trust me! lol!!

Hayley said...

Don't worry Ming, age is just a number. You still look good! ^^

.:Leeming:. said...

haha thanks babe! Ok maybe 24 is not that old...but I look old =).

.:Leeming:. said...

Hehe thanks so much babe...totally appreciate much~ xo

RachelScarlet said...

What's better than being surrounded with wonderful friends and family who love you! I used to be so afraid of aging but then I thought, being called a WOMAN is really an honourable thing. We shall age gracefully and with age comes wisdom :) God bless you, Ming!

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday..wishing all the best for you :) .. you are still looking good

Yvvone Yee said...

Happy Birthday Ming ^^ U look young as ever, so don't worry.. Just enjoy & indulge yourself.. Sorry ya, i'm a bit late wishing u >.<

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