Heineken presents The Art of Pouring by Franck Evers

Last week I was invited to Heineken 'The Art of Pouring' workshop conducted by Franck Evers Heineken beer craftman. I didn't know that pouring a pint of beer can be an art form. All I know beer is the world's oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage, and as such. needs to be enjoyed properly. A nice icy cold beer always does miracles at the end of a stressful day but have you actually thought of what makes a perfect pint?

Pouring beer may sound like a very simple task, But It's not as easy as it seems. I was trained to pour a perfect pint of beer from the bottle when I was working as a hostess. I remember this customer make me pour so many bottles of beer in front of him. I guess that's the happiest day for the boss =D~ but pouring a pint of perfect beer from the draft...hmm I don't think I can do it.

It definitely was an interesting session as Franck began explaining the essential steps that goes into pouring a perfect pint of beer; he also talked about the common mistakes people make when pouring a pint of beer and how they may be corrected. Besides that, he also spent time discussing service standards and the role it plays in providing consumers with the perfect drinking  experience.

Jasmine Foong, Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia explains, "The Art of Pouring workshop reflects Heineken's promise of quality. Franck's expertise is invaluable and through this workshop, he brings the art of pouring of a pint of Heineken in Malaysia to perfection level. Through our various campaigns, we hope consumers will be able to immerse themselves in the ultimate Heineken experience every time they enjoy a pint of Heineken, one that is shared by millions of fans throughout the world."

Franck Evers also spoke his experience, "There is a real ritual to pouring a perfect pint of beer, in fact, it is an art form. I'm very happy to have been given the chance to travel to Malaysia to showcase the art of pouring. Through these workshop, I hope consumers here will be able to enjoy the ultimate Heineken experience with every pint."

Frank gave some tips on how to pour a perfect pint of Heineken and a short demo. He then invited some participant to try it.

Here's the four steps to pouring the perfect Heineken:

1. Rinse - Rinse the glass in cold water before serving. And never dry with towel as it leaves fibers behind.

2. Pour - Pull the beer tap in one quick motion. Let the build up of carbon dioxide escape, angle. Then close tap in a quick motion when the foam reaches the top of the glass.

3. Skim - Remove excess foam with a wet skimmer held at a 45-degree angle. This leaves a thin layer of water over the foam which protects in from oxidizing. A perfect two-finger thick head of foam ensures that the beer stays fresh and cold for longer keeping it from going flat.

4. Serve - Serve your customers quickly and with a smile. Present their Heineken  in a Heineken branded glass, held at the bottom with the logo facing them.

Now this is what we call a  perfect pint of Heineken! Frack make it look so much easier.

Thankfully those who were interested in testing out their beer pouring skills had a chance to do so.

Tian Chad was the 1st to try it out~

Then Dusty turn.

My turn trying out my hands on pouring a perfect pint of Heineken!

I failed the first time and had way too much foam in my beer but after getting used to the angle and speed of the pour I got it right on my second try. Yayy!

I had so much fun with the other blogers that night~

Loving the atmosphere, people and food.

It was definitely a great night!

What I Wore:

I put on something simple that night. Dressed up in a fabulous dress from Gallo by Thian. It's Classy, simple, clean, sophisticated and feminine. Perfect for the event!

What better way to end this post with a BLOG GIVEAWAY!

This time, one lucky reader will get a chance to win this cup with Frack Evers signature on. to enter simply leave a comment below and tell me you're a Heineken lover. it's that simple. i will choose a winner on Monday~Good luck dear readers I will be picking the best answer, so be creative!

here is what you'll be winning...


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5 Responses to Heineken presents The Art of Pouring by Franck Evers

Tian Chad said...

Nice writing =) I also planned to do giveaway but how to give the glasses out? Mail to them? haha

anne said...

Hi Ming!

Is that dress still available? Where can I find Gallo by Thian?

Abby said...

Hi Ming,
first of all, just wanted to say i love, love, love ur dress! Was secretly hoping it'd be from Childlike empress so i could get a piece. :p But well, thats okay :) However you do look really stunning in it. Seriously.
Have always been a phantom reader of ur blog but decided to give this giveaway a try! Never really been good at contests etc but no harm trying right..:)

I've gotta be really frank though that i'm not a beer person. So i can't lie and say that i loveeee Heineken. But for today, i loveeee Heineken cuz its gonna give me my first ever personal signatured glass by Franck! :D
But here's what I'd do: I'd be toasting fruit juices or ice lemon tea inside this awesome glass with my friends..just chilling, sipping, and taking each moment as it comes :) Who ever said this glass has to be limited to beer only? Cuz I believe Heineken is just versatile like that.It never was conventional nor predictable ;)

Thanks again Ming..just giving it a good shot!:) If i win,will most probably give this glass to one of my beer-loving friends cuz am sure they'll be delighted.hehe.
Good day~

Pete said...

Great write up! I love Heineken, and I especially love Heineken Light because it taste so much like weed. After a stressful day a pint of cold Heineken beer will definitely ease my day.

franck said...

Hi Ming, thanks for the nice writing! ciao Franck

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