Loving The Boyfriend's Friends

The mister has a solid group of guy friends that he always hang out with. I'm glad that I always get along really well with my boyfriend's friends since I met them. I always end up having the best time ever! I always want to be able to kick it with him and his friends~I think being around with his guy friends and their girlfriends laying back, chit chatting, having fun is such a stress free environment for me. I feel that I can let my hair down if you know what I mean...

I totally love the relaxed and happy atmosphere when I'm with his friends. But If you're going to try to hang out more, just consider one thing: make sure you're enjoying yourself. Guys, and anybody else you ask really, will tell you that someone tagging along for the sake of tagging along, even when they're not happy, will drag the whole party down. Make sure that you're there because being there makes you happy, not just to impress your boyfriend or anyone else. But you sound like you do enjoy it, so right on.

Here are some pictures to share =)~ I took time outta my busy schedule to hang out at the mister's friend's house party...and we definitely had fun playing board games ( I know playing board games sounds old lol ) and some drinking games that night!

HowYee & Cheam

Navin, Niven, JaySen and the minster

Rachel, Me and Cecelia~

JaySen, Shien & Cheam

Nick the skin head guy =D

p/s: Nice meeting you JaySen =)~

OH! And another thing The S.O.X All-Stars Hoops 2011 Central Conference will held at MABA Stadium THIS SATURDAY,16th July 2011. This year's competition is DEFINITELY not to be missed, it's gonna be a big and exciting one! All the dribbling and slam dunking! Come support your friends or your favorite team this Saturday. I can't hardly wait to find out who's the winner! FYI,the champion team will walk away with RM5,000 while the first runner up and the second runner up will get RM3,000 and RM2,000 respectively. The third runner up gets RM500.

The mister said he would definitely join this if he's still young haha~ he was once a great leader and player to represent his school. Too bad now dah tua kerbau la =D .

For more information go tohttp://sox.com.my/star_hoops_2011/index.html for


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