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I personally think that style is important, the way a person dresses can affect a person's self image and affect how others will treat them. Dressing appropriately is very important in any occasion. You’ll be surprise that People do judge others by the way they dress. You are what you wear. Clothing gives people an identity, changes moods and influences behaviour and attitude. When you get right down to it, clothing is powerful. Be selective in what you put on your body to portray the correct image. I believe if you project a positive self-image, people will be more likely to see you as a positive, capable person.

Do you know what your clothes say about you? In the business world, those who project a Total Image often pass by others—regardless of who has the stronger skills. Successful people know that a Total Image makes them appear credible and polished to those around them. Let your inner beauty shine. Your image is the first thing people see. It should reflect the best of you.

I know there’s a big question popping up HOW TO DRESS UP CONFIDENTLY. Well, no worries because I will create the look and style you desire, while making sure you stay comfortable in your own skin. This is the time to unlock your confidence by looking and feeling radiantly beautiful inside and, out. .

-Working Office Lady

That mesmerizing little combo that you don each morning is your secret weapon to persuasion and vibrant self-expression all day long.  Believe it or not...business glam is the perfect weapon for women who love to take charge!

-The Romantic Date

In my style dictionary, this look is ideal for a movie date as it possesses a vintage vixen quality with an air of refinement. The little black dress is safe for any occasion.

-Looking all Glam and Posh

When it comes to attending an event, we always have to dress to impress. To be both professionally chic and a tad alluring. A perfect fit works magic for your body.

-Celebrity Crush

I always have a major girl crush on Alexa Chung, Alexa has a laid-back, London street chic with an indie retro twist style. She always seems to look great, unique and effortless. Nobody puts outfits together the way she does.

 But recently I have another new girl crush on Olivia Palermo. Olivia Palermo dress like a modern day princess like a true lady, breathe elegance and timeless. I guess it’s time for me to grow up and dress maturely.

If you notice all these looks, I always wearing heels I’m not a six foot tall model, for me, it’s really all about high heels. I love to wear heels and it’s a must to have a good pair of black pumps. Black pumps go with everything, they won’t get too dirty, and they can also go from day to night.

Besides, learning how to dress confidently, you have to learn how to accessorize and enhance your look...I’m sure everyone have a timeless accessories. My timeless accessories would be my Rado Vintage watch. My dad gave this old timepiece to me as a birthday gift. I’ve always loved the look of Rado watches and was so excited to finally have my own. It’s waterproof, dainty and feminine. Exactly what I look for in a watch!

Now I’m gonna reveal the 3 MUST-HAVE fashion pieces.

Jeans- Jeans are the obvious place to start, everyone must have a pair of favourite jeans, the kind of jeans that make you feel sexy, pulled together, and comfortable.

Little black dress (LDB)- You need to have at least 1 little black dress that in the style that suits you. It should be well-made and accentuate your attributes.

Black blazer- The black blazer is the key in your wardrobe. It goes with virtually everything.

Dressing nicer will give you a boost in your confidence. The better you dress, the more powerful your signals will be. You'll feel confident day in and day out and opportunities will finally start coming your way.  But having a good complexion is a plus point and it definitely boosted up your confidence too. Everyone desires to have soft, glowing skin. Hence it is possible to achieve gorgeous looking skin at an inexpensive price. You can treat common skin problems without a trip to the spa or buying expensive products. Try Pure Beauty Pomegranate Skin Care; trust me your skin will be glowing in no time. You feeling as serene and radiantly beautiful outside as you are inside.

Pure Beauty is a brand that believes in using one of a kind natural ingredient for their products, while engaging the help of advanced technology to bring forth products that assist us in our mission for beautiful youthful skin, yet thoughtfully pricing it reasonably. All the products are made in Korea,  so it’s made using breakthrough Korean technology and is produced in a fine grain form for easy absorption.

This Pomegranate range is obviously made using pomegranate extract. It’s a fruit that contains potent, one pomegranate contains up to 40% vitamin C. As it possesses ultra-strong antioxidant activity which protects skin from free radicals by detoxifying, neutralizing, energizing and brightening skin. it’s absolute ideal for brightening, firming, antiaging, energising, and softening skin.

Now I’m going to review the whole range of Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant products!

Here’s the whole range:

1.     Foam Cleanser

2.     Toner

3.     Essence

4.     Eye Cream

5.     Facial Mask

6.     Eye Mask

After using it for a few weeks, I have to say out of these five products the Foam Cleanser, Essence and Eye Cream are my FAVOURITE!!!


What’s interesting about this foam cleanser is it has dual function. It could be used as a daily cleanser, and also a mask!! Amazing huh~ the 2-in-Foam Cleanser contains a natural complex of fruit and herbal extracts that gently de-stresses skin, unclogs pores and detoxifies to leave skin energized and refreshed.


I’m always lazy to put on Toner. Maybe because of the packaging, but the Pomegranate Antioxidant Toner Packaging makes it so much easier to apply. Just pump a generous amount and pat on your skin.  The Toner actually works like a lotion.


Next is the Essence, Gosh I’m loving this Essence, Do you know that Essence is very important for your skin. It’s like the hero of all products. When I put it on my skin. I can feel that my skin is moisturizing, soft and smooth. The texture of my skin looks instantly velvety.

Eye Cream:

Now is the Eye Cream! Pomegranate Antioxidant Eye Cream is perfect for mature skin. It evens out the surface of the skin and makes it softer and smoother. It contains pomegranate seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants and protects the skin from the elements. Hopefully the lines and wrinkles around my eyes become less apparent =).

 Facial Mask:

The facial Mask feels so good on my face. This stuff is COOL, as in, cools your skin and pores so much; it kinda feels like you stuck your face into a snow bank! I'm telling you the truth here! Face freeze! Pomegranate Antioxidant Mask provides instant, intensive smoothing and hydrating benefits. If you have dry, combination or only slightly oily skin, the Pomegranate Facial Mask is a wonderful choice.

Don’t take my word for it, try it out for a month for softer skin and a more even skin tone! Pure Beauty range is quite affordable and can be found at your nearest Watson outlet =).

But the GOOD NEWS is I’ll be giving away 3 boxes of Pomegranate Antioxidant skincare set to my dearest readers. To enter and win one of these fabulous skin care products, you have to answer this question (Do you think style / a person’s image is important? Why?) and comment below. It's that simple! I will announce the winners here. Good luck to you all! xo.

p/s: Also, I will be posting more on how to dress confidently (including style shots) if you girls are interested, do check out the Pure Beauty Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/purebeautymalaysia?ref=ts) and click ‘Like’ to follow my updates!:)

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23 Responses to A Vintagesnoise Giveaway - Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant

Sholee said...

Yes, style and image are sooo important as it impacts the other person's perception and first impression of you. This is more so when you go for job interviews or business appointments. I know I do observe this when I conduct a job interview :-)

Lynnie A. said...

I think a person's image is very important. An image of someone is essentially what others will perceive about them, and you know what they say about first impressions, right? So if someone were to have a bad image, it'd make a bad first impression and that'd make people perceive a particular person as someone they're most probably not. If someone were to have a great image, however, people'd inevitably have a different perception towards them.

Sharonngo said...

I think that style is more important as it can shape a person’s image. No point being good-looking or having desirous body when you don't know how to dress yourself up, and end up looking like a "dumpling" wrapped underneath a rag. A style can help to enhance your prominent features or help you divert focus from your weaknesses. So in my opinion, style comes first.

AIN said...

image and style are very important for a person, because it shows the personality and way of life.

Sandy Ryan G said...

Question (Do you think style / a person’s image is important? Why?)

Answer: I think style or image is very important because when people first look at you, appearance will give them the first impression. Style or image is the way you show your personally and attitude. Thus, face is the first thing people will look at when they are talking to you.

Wilson Ng said...

i want to be hensem

Roxanne Low said...

Yes, it is important. Because people always see the 1st looks and feeling. If they feel comfortable, they will continue communicate with you.

Michelle Chan said...

In my point of view, i think both personal image and style are equally important. One conveys their personal image through their style. Definately different people have their own personalities and most of them choose to represent their unique personality through their unique style. Cheers! =)

Myra Chew said...


I personally do think that a person's style/ a person's image is very pivotal.

It defines YOU. Who you are as a person. Everything one puts on somehow sends out a message about themselves. It is almost the same as giving people the first impression. We all know how crucial it is to set a good impression. :)

Hayley said...

Hi Ming, me loving all your outfits here..

Hmm, to me of course a person's image is important! The way we dress greatly reflect our personality and sense of styling, especially in this modern era now where most people judge by the 'look', though to some people, inner personality is much more important.

Jess said...

Definitely a person/style is important because it represents the person overall. It's the impression that one want to potray to people. For myself, I dress my style according to mood & ocassion. For eg, if it's a Sunday I tend to dress more casually, something I am comfortable (eg t-shirt & jeans) and spice it up with some accessories like bangles & rings!

Ping Wey said...

To me, person's image is important to build up your confident! And confident is the main key of life! Besides that, person's style would make the person stand out from the crowd and be the lead of the fashion. No hard feeling of being laughed by others' about your style, just be yourself! Last but not least, with person's image and style, we need to have external and internal beauty as well. Take a good care of our skin will be the important point of all! Just be yourself.

jq said...

Do you think style / a person’s image is important? Why?

Yes is very important as we as beings are constantly in need to portray something good in the eyes of the beholder, especially to first timers. First impression always makes the difference in everything that we do, whether it last or not, really depends on how we create the lasting image of us to them. Inner beauty meant a lot but outer beauty and physical appearances makes it who we are and how we want people to see us. From the hair to the clothes to the shoes and even personal hygiene counts. What you wear does gives a little hint to others of what they should be expecting from you. I know we like to be mysterious and surprising sometimes but well, reality, it's not always a party crowd that we meet so that they can take the time to peel your onion layers for you. So be brave and stand up straight, make the best out of your image and opportunities will come your way!

Yours Truly,
JQ :)

Rondah said...

I think they both are important because that is what people base their first impression of you on

PoleFairy said...

Do you think style / a person’s image is important? Why?

First off, i would like to always think of myself as a brand.
Do i want to be someone average who follows the crowd in terms of their thinking and dressing or do i want to create a brand out of myself and be someone unique - someone that people will think of immediately when they think of the word"stylish" or "classy"?

I would definitely choose the latter anytime of the day!

Personally, i think everyone should portray a right brand for themselves.
If you are a ballet teacher or a fitness instructor , your brand would probably be "disciplined" whereas if you are in a corporate world, your brand would vary from person to person. Most employers would be branded as "ruthless" based on their power and authority.

As an employee, i reckon the first thing to promote your brand is to brand yourself as a "go-getter" , "hard-worker", "poised" , etc etc etc.

Think of a brand for yourself and dress/act that part. Always put your best foot forward and think of how your clothing can affect how your employers and clients view you. Imagine both equally attractive ladies walking into a meeting room, one is dressed impeccably, whereas one walks into the room with a disheveled appearance.

Who do you think people will notice and approach first?
Without a doubt, the girl who is dressed well. What a shame to the other girl, isn't it? If only she has taken more effort to the way she dressed.. She would have began on an equal footing with the other girl to impress the others in the meeting room.

So, there you have it, a person's style and image is so important at this day and age that we should all put some effort into making our lives more fabulous than it already is! :)


BS said...

Style is as important as leadership. Everybody has their own unique style and what someone finds fashionable, another may find absolutely hideous. Fashion is an art form which everyone can relate to. Fashion and style should not be confused, though, because they are entirely different from each other. That’s why it is extremely important to figure out your own signature look; your inner beauty and personality should not only be shown through your actions but also by what you wear and how you wear it too. But when you decide to develop your own personal style, make sure you make it your own.

Jesslyn Soh said...

i personally think style and personal image comes hand in hand. it is how you dress and carry yourself that shapes your personal image in others' eyes. one not necessarily has to have the best body shape or the best look, but if he / she can dress to suit their body, they will surely stand out in a crowd and look classy / feminine / stylish.

For ladies, the tip is to be anything but thrashy ! Who says style means expensive clothes & accessories , or low cut tops or cleavage show ?

i say ... the best style is to put on the best smile, walk straight, chin up & ooze confidence !

tanya said...

I think they are both important because it is how the world perceives you. If you are comfortable and confident with your style and image then you are taken much more seriously.

LYK said...

Yes, definitely. Your style portrait your image, and vice versa. As a study said, first impression is very important and it takes up >90% of how a stranger remember you, and, where does first impression come from ? From your outer look, your style and your image. If you dress up confidently, it is not only bring up your self confident, but it shows and portrait the others too ....

Aby Teo said...

Yes indeed. Positive style and image is important because it enhance yourself with an element call 'Confident'. Individual that enhanced with this special element looks extreme attractive and beautiful. Style and image is important too as presentable image somehow makes people around feels more comfortable and wish to get closer to you. Each of us is unique in this world. Get confident and shape your own style! You will be surprise by how it bring the huge influences to your life (:

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[...] [...]

Aby Teo said...

hi dear, is this giveaways winners is up? Dint notice it~? >.<

Jesslyn Soh said...

hi, just curious! who is the lucky one for this giveaway? have the winner been announced? thanks!

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