Candy Pink Blazer

If there's one piece of clothing that I think everyone needs to own, It's a blazer. I have always been a huge fan of blazer, because It will never go out of season and a blazer is a piece that can transform an outfit from daytime to nighttime. And of course, the blazer it's not formal where you can only use just for office anymore, In fact you can be creative and style them for an unexpected twist.

As spring approaches, we are going to see more and more blazers on the street. Well, I'm not talking about the boring black and neutral color blazers...we will be seeing more bright color blazers. As spring season always brings a little more color into our lives. This year, we've seen bloom and vivid-colored garments take over our closets. The best way to wear colorful blazer is to keep the rest of you outfit minimal. Remember less is more!

I was a lil bit skeptical about the possibility of rocking a pink blazer until I saw Olivia Palermo in one. So I thought why not getting one =D. I have to say I'm loving it! I love the contrast of a brightly colored blazer against an otherwise monochrome outfit. The hot pink blazer gives my outfit a perfect and shocking pop of color...oh It attracts a lot of attention too~ =)

Get set to show-off your colorful side.

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2 Responses to Candy Pink Blazer

Ernest said...

i knew that blazer was looking very familiar! was walking in Zara the other day and my gf picked it up!

henrytan said...

hahaha pink blazer? that's very odd color! fashion wise, yes!

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