Loving Publika

I've been living a good good life this week. The life that being treated like a celebrity is AWESOME! I'll blog more about that later~ Now back to reality.

Well a lot of my friends and the boyfriend been telling me about Publika. I really don't know what the fuss is all about...so last weekend I decided to check out the place. It was my first time stepping into this mall and guess what I instantly fell in love with it. Sure, kl filled with plenty of malls, but none other promotes the local creativity as much as Publika does. You will see lotsa artistic arts, sculptures and most of the cafes are well decorated. Now I know why they called it a shopping gallery =).

Here are some of the pictures I took! Come on, lets take a walk together~

Art Row

Vandalized wooden bench in the greatest of ways…

B.I.G - Ben's Independent Grocer, stocks both gourmet goodies and everyday essentials.

After inhaling B.I.G and completely falling in love with it, we bought some chocolates and walk around~

Tea time at Wondermilk Cafe. The third and latest outlet is located next to an MPH bookstore in Publika. As you know Wondermilk is a cafe that specializes in cupcakes. They offer a variety of colorful and  flavored cupcakes. You can enjoy them with a cup of coffee for great taste.

I was so in love with the dĂ©cor, The atmosphere is just  really nice and soothing, plus they play a great selection of songs as well...from french to indie. The menu is cleverly retro, channeling the spirit of the 1950’s American diner with its range of burgers and hotdogs. But, me and the boyfriend always go there for the drinks, simply because we're not much of a cupcake person and their cupcakes wasn’t very, very, good.  It’s just a shame that their cupcakes don’t taste as good as they look.

We ordered Cucumber Coolness and Passionfruit Surprise.

animal motifs

Kitsch bunting

Enjoying our cool refreshing drinks, SLURP~

AhHhhHh~~~ it was a glorious day with the boyfriend, a totally unique experience which I like it a lot. Although there are still many vacant shop-lots around, but that's not gonna stop me from going again =)

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