A Little More Edgy

Isn't it funny to think how your taste changes over time? If you asked how my taste have changed over the past 2 years, I probably would have said it haven't changed a lot. I've been dressing up like a little girl all the time. Now Is time for a change! My style has definitely been refined, It's gotten less girly and childish to becoming more edgy. I guess A new change is a good thing though <3.

What I Wore:

This is one of my so called edgy look. Pretty much any type of leather will definitely add a really stylish edge to any outfit =D. The leather jacket can be really cute too if you wear them the right way. They also look really good with plain black skinny jeans. It's fashionable and makes you look thinner. I'm loving leather jackets cause it will never go out of season and it goes well with anything.  Also wearing shirts with jackets is really edgy and super trendy so that's always a good way to go.

Brown Leather Jacket | Zara - Basic White Shirt | Sevendays - Dusty Blue Shirt | Weekenders - Skinny Jeans | Guess - Pumps | Aldo - Bag | Marc Jacobs - Watch | Casio - Ring | Diva.

How do you think your style has change over the years? XO~

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2 Responses to A Little More Edgy

ML said...

that's very nice! but 3 layers of clothes in a tropical country... not hot 'AH'?

henrytan said...

whoots matured looking outfit! =D

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