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Sooo I know I have been a little absent, and I'm sorry for that I've been really run down lately from being really busy and stressed out. But I know that I am really lucky to have my friends...because they were somehow just always there for me, whenever I needed them. I feel so good and happy that I've been getting out of the house and hanging out with friends a lot.

So here's some pictures that I took on the weekdays.

working at coffee bean~

Shaun got frustrated with the video cam =)

This is Danny & Leyla

Me camwhoring

After hanging out with the 3 stooges in coffee bean, Jeff called me up and we decided to meet up at One Utama, cause I promised him that I will celebrate his birthday...Oh and he did say he want a cake haha~ so we ended celebrating his birthday at Whisk.

Whisk is located at  One Utama old wing. I found its homey and quirky interior rather appealing. The huge mirrors across the brick walls makes the tight place look more spacious that it actually is. I'm loving the cozy environment filled with light music. I just wish to have a studio like this one day.

Whisk is always famous for their Red velvet and freshly brewed coffee. For those who do not know, I have been sort of obsessed with Red Velvet cakes after testing one at a random cafe in Bangkok. So far I've yet to find something of the same standards locally. But I have to say the Red Velvet cake in whisk is not bad! The cake is slightly moist and the texture is slightly dense yet crumbly. I think the cake was amazing, but a *little* bit too sweet for my tastes. We also had the Granny's cake. a light, tiered apple cake sandwiched with layers of cream cheese icing and butterscotch and flecked with tiny chips of apple. I personally think the Granny's cake taste better.

The many cakes that cover the counter. Yums~

Coffee station

Colorful macaroons. I'll definitely come back for these cute lil macaroons.

The Red Velvet Cake

Delicious Granny's Cake


 Next stop Oriental Cravings, Oriental Cravings has been around for quite a few years~ I've been here a few times with the mister and I have to say the food here is AWESOME! I love the homey decor with tables scattered out quite well. It almost like the Nyonya Baba house.

Time to take order!

The mister join us for dinner too~

Look at that smile on his face~ I think Jeff is happy with his food =)

This is what we ordered:

Clay-pot "Lou Shee Fun". Jeff said it taste ok, he still prefer Murni's Clay-pot "Lou Shee Fun".

The Honey Sea coconut wtth longan was not bad. It's very refreshing and with a fair amount of stuff in it.

This is my Favorite! The Golden Beancurd features a delicious paste of finely minced pork, dried prawns, chilli, garlic and a type of preserved radish atop the large piece of deepfried egg tofu. The ultra soft texture beancurd, wrapped around with this thin layer of crispy beancurd skin hmm~hmm~ this is the kind of beancurd dish that keeps you going back.

I ordered Fried "Lou Shee Fun",  I like the chewy texture and the sauces used to fried it. One can truely feel the egg bits in it and it's just so beautifully fried! Yum yum... :p

The mister ordered Fried "Tang Hoon", just nice, the taste is simply delicious! not too oily and quite a big portion.

The smooth Hand-rolled "Chee Cheong Fun" also stands out for its delectable stuffing of minced pork, shredded sengkuang, choy poh and dried shrimp.

I always enjoy my food here in Oriental Cravings, this is one outlet that serves food with pride. Service is informal and speedy and the prices are reasonable. Can't wait to go back again~ XO!

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