Life ain't easy

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Well my weekend was ok~ But Sunday was a day for staying in my pajamas. I took a good nap on couch. I watched cartoons, Grey's Anatomy, a couple of movies and snacked on comfort food  most of the day. I did manage to sneak out for a walk and a bite with my friend at the Taman Megah pasar malam in the evening. We had Asam Laksa at one of the stall...It was pretty good. We will be back again =).

Today is back to real life for us. It was fun acting like kid and not being responsible for a day. But there's laundry waiting to be done, tone's of photos need to be edited ArrhhHhh~ Sometimes I wish I have a personal assistant who can edit all these pictures for me...and all I need to do is just blog haha~ tomorrow is another busy day ahead. Life ain't easy!


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2 Responses to Life ain't easy

Grey's Anatomy said...

erm... i think you meant to say Grey's Anatomy and not Grace Anatomy. :) *peace*

Mimi said...

Where is your dress from?

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