Food and Furniture Shopping

It was a day of necessary tasks,  one that cannot be put off any longer. A time  where the scheduling  for the week seemed to be only pinpoint direction of ending the day with yet another brief scribble on to the list. I have so much to do recently...getting the room done is one big task =)!  I need to get it done ASAP. So I drag Reuben to shop with me. I'm glad to say I'm half way there, finally most of the things are in!

Last week I was kinda mess up... I didn't have time to even think what to wear. But there was a slight urge to make an effort for comfort cause I knew that heavy walking would be involve.  And that's when the wedges came into the wardrobe thought process. I decided to gravitate towards easy stripes for a casual meeting  and what seems to be a mountainous errand run.

Shopping starts here!

It's been awhile since I had this =) yum!

Is Reuben's cheat day, so we had lunch at Ayam Penyek.

Furniture SHOPPING!

I love IKEA! IKEA is like my favorite place to shop for furniture =)  What's not to love about IKEA? Cheap, functional furniture. Plus they have so many innovative ideas. Super cheap food including Swedish meatballs and frozen apple pie. YUM! This is the perfect time to shop to prep your home for the coming Hari Raya celebrations!  I could seriously spend hours here just looking at all their examples and sitting on couches and sleeping on their beds. I WANT THIS and I WANT THAT! Buy all the things!

cute mousy~

Ikea soft toy cost a bomb!

Head straight to the merchandise pickup area to grab the things I want!

This can be a perfect trash bin

Plants for the toilet.

All done! Now I'm a happy kid~

Our stomach is playing drums after shopping. Guess it's time to munch! We went to this new stall in the curve called Mr Bean to have some  snacks. From its name, one should have guessed correctly that this place sells something related to BEANS. Yes! It’s soybean & I totally love it!

We ordered a cup of watermelon soya, cheese pancake and original bean-curd.

 I like their bean curd cos it is really smooth and light. It would like slide down the throat once it enters your mouth. One of the best that I have tasted!

They have have soya bean drink that is mixed with watermelon, honey dew, papaya, carrot or celery. Tasted the watermelon one yesterday, cool and refreshing. Quite nice.

A good variety of pancake flavours are available for pick. That includes blueberry, cheese, chocolate, kaya, peanut, red bean and tuna. My favourite is their cheese pancake. For the cheese-flavour pancake, cream cheese is used instead of sliced cheese and it melts in the hot pancake. Heavenly!!

Sooo cute =)


Om nom nom~

I will definitely continue to patron Mr Bean due to the healthy benefits of Soya Bean and its wonderful taste. I'm definitely trying the soya ice-cream next!

Another great day out with Reuben, got to start decorating the room right now ZOOM.....XO~

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Flora said...

cool denim outfit.. :D

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