I'm 25!

A big thanks to all my cyber family, friends and my family for all the birthday wishes and greetings...really appreciate much! Yeap I'm one year older~ Seriously it freaks me out knowing the fact that I'm getting older and look older each day. However, there are moments in life that make me realize that time is not slowing down for me. We're all just going to embrace the fact that time goes by at a ridiculous pace. Mostly, it scares me to think that I’m going to be 30 before I even realize it, and then (Lord, save me) 40.

The aging process is scary. To know the fact that one day my body isn’t going to work as well as it does right now is absolutely terrifying. And, yes, losing my youth and looks is a thought that I don’t even want to consider. I’m vain, okay? Have any of you played around with that app that shows you what you’re going to look like as an old woman? It’s depressing (every night I have to remind my myself to put on my skin care products).

Anyhoo, I had a terrific birthday with Reuben, Shaun and the lovely housemates.

I had a wonderful dinner with Reuben and the gang at WIP,BSC. Then he drove me  to Desa ParkCity. I was like hmm why Desa ParkCity? Then he open up the  car boot and brought out this 2 piece of paper.

Guess what? Sky lanterns!

This sky lantern can be used to make a wish on anniversary birthday, wedding party or other celebrations.

We don't have a pen, so I decided to use my pen eyeliner =D.

You can actually write and paint loves name, family member's name, love words and poems. Then make a wish and your wish will come true.

I actually wrote an essay haha~

Reuben happily writing his wishes too~

This part freaks me out! When you start lighting it, the flame heats the air inside the lantern,thus lowering its density causing the lantern to rise into the air. I was so scared that the lantern caught on fire.

I Made a wish when the lantern take off~ It was my 1st time lighting a sky lantern =)

 Definitely a GREAT EXPERIENCE! Thanks Reuben~

p/s:  Got to go for a meeting I'll continue my next surprise when I'm back! Zoom~

The  next day Shaun took me out for dinner.

Shaun: What do you want to eat? Where do you wanna go for dinner?

Me: err...anywhere! As long as there's no pork and porridge =). I can eat anything~

Shaun: Eh It's ya birthday, don't tell me anything and anywhere...

Me: Seriously anywhere...If you want to bring me to vicchuda for Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin I'm ok with it haha~

Shaun: OMG! Ok I suggest a place then. -____-

Me: OK! =D

So we had dinner in Jarrod & Rawlins. Situated  in a converted bungalow located in the leafy and breezy surroundings of Lorong  Dungun in Damansara Heights.

Jarrod and Rawlins is more like a modern English Gastropub. serving wholesome and hearty food in a smart yet inviting environment suitable for all occasions. they sold not only sausages and other meats in their deli counter, but also prepared cooked meals using the same raw ingredients. One can select from a wide range of sausages, bacon, pork chops and other meats and request them to cook and serve the meal in their restaurant. The dish is also served with either french fries, mashed potatoes or salad on the side.

The beauty about this concept is that you can decide what and how much you’d like to consume. If you prefer variety and are not preoccupied with an expanding waist, then by all mean pick one of everything and eat as much as you like.

We ordered the Sunday roast. Both of us don't eat much, so we shared the meal together.

The mushroom soup taste so good...

Your choice of Mix of Chicken, Beef or Pork, served with Roast Potatoes, Roast Onions, Yorkshire Puddings, Vegetables and Gravy.

After dinner we had dessert in Baskin Robin, Bangsar.

and guess what when I got home...My lovely housemates Jenna, Steven and Jo surprise me with a birthday cake =)

We had karaoke session at home =)

I laugh my heart out when I saw the cake...Chun Lee? No they didn't spell my name wrongly. Some of the production people still called me that due to the Nokia commercial I did when I was 20years old.

My crazy and lovely housemates =)

Thanks you guys!!! Totally appreciate much! It was definitely a memorable birthday celebration~ XOXO!

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One Response to I'm 25!

TianChad said...

Wah happy birthday again with the awesome celebration! I want the strawberry +chocolate cake!!

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